Soenke Moehr, Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Puraglobe Dr. Moehr has had a 25 year career in the lubricants industry including positions at ESSO Lubricants Europe, ExxonMobil and Lubrizol. As the head

of global sales and marketing for Puraglobe, Soenke is a leading figure in the ever more important sector of re-refining.

Neil Grieve, Global Automotive Sector Manager, Q8Oils

Grieve has worked in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, in the plastics, electrical and petroleum industries. Beginning in technical and R&D roles and later moving on to sales and marketing, Neil Grieve brings extensive experience to his global role.

Catherine Macklam, UK Sales & Operations Manager, Q8Oils UK (Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants UK Ltd) In her 18 year career in the lubricants industry Macklam started in Customer Services and Key Account Management roles progressing to her current position as UK Sales & Operations Manager.

David Slinkman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Quaker Houghton

Slinkman has served as Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Quaker Houghton since 2019. Prior to this, Slinkman was Vice President of Technology at Houghton International. His primary responsibilities include the oversight and strategic direction of research, technology and innovation.

Adrian Steeples, Senior Vice President and Managing Director – Asia/Pacific, Quaker Houghton Prior to joining Quaker in 2010, Steeples worked for the BP Group for 23 years. Steeples assumed his current position as Vice President and Managing Director in 2013 (a position he retained following Quaker’s recent merger with Houghton).

Andrew Hepher, Vice President Global Commercial Technology, Shell International Petroleum Company With over 25 years’ worth of industry experience, Hepher began his career as a biotechnologist in R&D at Shell before becoming General Manager for the consumer lubricants market and ultimately, in 2016, being appointed Vice President Technology of the company.

Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO, Saudi Aramco

Capping a distinguished career that spans more than 30 years, Nasser has spearheaded initiatives in sectors such as renewable energy applications and efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Nick Clague, Global Technical Manager, SK Lubricants

Clague has worked in the industry for over 20 years, including previous roles with both Afton and Lubrizol. He is now the Global Technical Manager

for SK Lubricants and was also appointed the chair of CEC in 2019.

Jan Trocki, General Manager Europe and Group Leader – EV Business, SK Lubricants

Beginning his career 30 years ago in the lubricants industry in Product Development, and later Technical Support at Castrol, before moving on to managerial positions at Morris Lubricants and then Gulf Oil. Trocki has been General Manager for Europe at SK Lubricants since 2016 and Group Leader - EV Business since 2018.

Franck Bagouet, Senior Vice President Lubricants, Total Specialities USA Bagouet was appointed senior Vice President, Lubricants at Total Specialties USA in 2019, taking on responsibility for domestic sales of finished lubricants in the USA.

Valentina Serra-Holm, Business Development Manager at Koras AG Dr. Serra-Holm holds MS and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Reaction Engineering.

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