Welcome to the latest edition of Little Learners

In this issue, we’re looking at the foundations for healthy futures.

The early years of a child’s life are crucial for setting the patterns and habits that impact on their lifelong

health. What they eat, their attitudes towards physical exercise and the skills they develop in their very first years of life are likely to stick with them as they grow.

We’ve got some lovely ideas for ways to introduce the concept of where food comes from, getting children

involved in the whole process. This issue is also packed with activity ideas including some easy to follow and fun recipes to get your little ones creating and a bright classroom

display themed all around The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

To get everyone moving, we’ve got some engaging physical play and dance resources, as well as ideas

for big art activities. Our early years buyer Nicola also puts the spotlight on gross motor skills in her blog,

looking at why they are so important. It’s been great fun to work with

some of you for this issue. We’ve got a fantastic review from Ace Early

Years who tested our YPO parachute kit. We also got some brilliant

feedback on our giant fishing games, which you could win in this issue’s competition – see the back page for details.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

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Contents Where food comes from

Hungry caterpillar healthy eating classroom display

Easy recipes for little learners Reviewed by you: giant fishing games

Putting the spotlight on gross motor skills

Physical play Big art activities

Reviewed by you: parachute kit Products you’ll love

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