Giant Polydron

Giant polydron is the new sensory construction product which fully supports the EYFS in encouraging children to make and recognise 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. The pieces are marked on one side and the inner area of the triangles and squares are marked with braille which can open up discussions on different types of communication. 80 pieces. Suitable for age 2 years+

D42550 Set £114.20

LEGO® Soft Starter Set

Full size, colourful flexible bricks that provide the ideal solution for both inside and outdoor play. From developing large models to obstacle courses, this set encourages creativity on a large scale as well as physical development - excellent fun all round! Suitable for ages 2-5 years

847186 Set £411.95

ACTIVITY IDEA Get them building

As well as being a brilliant way of introducing STEM into your setting, encouraging communication, creativity and imaginative play, building on a larger scale is great for physical development. We have some fantastic large scale construction resources, but we also like the idea of collecting different sized cardboard boxes and letting your little learners use them to create whatever their imagination desires – a boat, a super hero city, or simply the world’s tallest tower.

Rainbow Bricks

Giant visually stunning building bricks made from beautiful rubberwood. Can be used for building and stacking with double and half sized bricks. The set includes 36 pieces (24 large, 12 small) with rounded corners and colourful inserts (red, green, blue, yellow, clear and mirror). Can also be used for colour mixing and on a light box. Size of rectangular brick: 75(H) x 75(W) x 200mm(L) Suitable for age 3 years+

836923 Set £111.40


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