Products Broadway Events confirms line-up for

Future of Care Conference on 22 June Other speakers include Care

Broadway Events has confirmed the speaker line-up for its Future of Care Conference at The King’s Fund in central London on 22 June. ITV News anchor Sameena Ali

Khan (pictured) will chair the highly- anticipated conference, while Duncan Baker, the Conservative MP for North Norfolk, will address delegates in a welcome speech in which he will advise why social care workers deserve parity of esteem. The day will consist of seminars, panel

debates and an exciting ‘fireside chat’. Amid the Covid crisis, the conference will tackle the past, present and future effects of the virus.

Hygienio aiming to wipe out infection spread

BES Healthcare is highlighting the role of its Hygienio disinfection unit for disinfecting a wide variety of care home surfaces and soft furnishings of any shape and material. The Hygienio disinfection system uses

a fine mist to apply effective disinfectant evenly, even in hard-to-reach areas and on intricate surfaces. Adantium, the disinfectant used in the

Hygienio system, has been lab-tested and proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, including

Angel Guard flies off with clinical washbasin award

Angel Guard has been named Scotland’s clinical washbasin company of the year at the 2021-22 Prestige Awards. The East Kilbride firm said it was chosen

for its “personal touch, consistency of reviews and community feel”, with the judges noticing the “positive difference the company is making, especially during the turbulent times the world is going through”. “We are delighted to receive this

recognition and award, but the lives the Angel Guard units will save is the highest accolade our company could ever ask for,” said


operations director Elaine Waggott. Angel Guard participates in the

Department of Work & Pension’s Kickstart scheme, which allows young workers aged 16- 24 to gain work skills and experience. Angel Guard washbasins are designed

to reduce the spread of pathogens through splashing while improving hand-wash compliance through its monitoring system and WHO instructional videos displayed on its Michael and Gabriel units.

bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and spores. The Hygienio system is ideal for all

surfaces including soft furnishings such as recliner chairs and curtains, as Adantium does not cause damage or bleaching. It can also be used to disinfect rooms, ceilings, vehicle interiors, and stores. The Hygienio disinfection system also

reduces the need for wipes and, in turn, helps to avoid the transfer of microbes associated with wiping by hand.

Quality Commission chief inspector Kate Terroni, OECD economist Eileen Rocard and Dr. Laura Shallcross, who was the academic lead for University College London’s Vivaldi research programme on Covid-19. Also participating are

Professor Martin Green OBE,

chief executive of Care England, Social Care Institute for Excellence chief executive Kathryn Smith, Skills for Care director of operations Tricia Pereira and Clenton Farquharson MBE, director at Community Navigator Services CIC.

Rinnai units ready for hydrogen

Rinnai’s N series of hot water heating units have been confirmed as hydrogen- ready after an extensive testing and verification process. The verification means all commercial

units are ready now for hydrogen fed through the gas pipeline infrastructure. In addition, N series units installed

since 2019 are compatible with future hydrogen blending for the advent of decarbonisation of gas heating. ”This is a major announcement for

our customers’ installations whether current or planned - it simply means that you are future-proofed,” said Rinnai UK operations director Chris Goggin. There are four models in the N series

of hot water heating units: the N1600i, the N1600e, the N1300i and the N1300e.

Bridgewater answers ARM call

Wireless nurse call and staff alarm system maker Alarm Radio Monitoring (ARM) has appointed Andy Bridgewater as its new head of sales and marketing. A former Royal Engineer

with the British Army, Bridgewater joined ARM in late April, having over 15 years of experience within the sales and engineering industry. Bridgewater’s role as head of sales and

marketing will see him lead sales growth for ARM as their product range continues to expand throughout the UK. The Bed Angel, new monitoring software

and seven-inch touchpad display are either currently available or due to enter the market shortly. “With numerous new products entering the

market over the coming year, his appointment is a big part of the company’s commitment to provide high quality products to the care and staff alarm industry,” said ARM operations director Stuart Ibbs. • June 2021

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