Staff training

training online with the university, TNAs practical training was then done in-house. Staff then gained competence by completing multiple competency assessments, always under the guidance of our nurses, and were signed off by an assessor and supervisor. It would have been easy to use the pandemic as a reason to halt the training, but nursing associates are needed in health and social care. If we were to stop, why and for how long? We are then only

delaying the need for development in these roles. We have everyone from a great

grandmother down to younger guys: some who never thought they were good enough to go to university or had children young and now want to progress in their

Selina Wilson - Yohden Care Complex, Hartlepool

I have worked at Yohden Care Complex for just over ten years, and been in my current role as unit manager for the last nine months. I enrolled on the TNA apprenticeship course having seen the company advertisement. I felt this was the next step for myself

having been a qualified care practitioner since 2017. The highlight of my learning so far has been passing my first year of my course as a TNA, as having no prior academic experience I felt very nervous about the experience. However, my confidence has grown

throughout the first year and I feel very enthusiastic about all further training. The TNA programme has improved my knowledge of holistic therapies that I have carried out well within my role, and this has been effectively used throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had highs and lows

for myself. Having contracted Covid, I was very conscious of coming out of the first lockdown and found trying to readjust to normal life slightly difficult at first, but, with the support of Maria Mallaband, I have put this behind me


careers. It has not been easy, of course, and at the same time our home managers have needed staff with them, so we have taken a wholly flexible approach.

Passing the test The good news is the first cohort of nursing associates are set to qualify this summer, with the second cohort also doing really well. Not only that the university now developed plans to support their career trajectory to registered nurse as the next step. The four-year, part-time registered

nurse programme, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in March 2021, will enable students to apply for recognition of their prior learning on successful completion of their Nursing Associate apprenticeship. They will access the programme at the

and this has had no effect on my studies. Going into year two of the TNA,

study has been mainly online and it has surprised me how well this has been rolled out with Microsoft Teams, regular meetings and lots of support from the course leader. I remain confident in fully completing the course. My knowledge and ability as a TNA has

made an impact on my role at Yohden and I was given a promotion to people champion as well as unit manager. Going forward I hope to complete my final months of the course and ultimately go on to become a fully qualified registered nurse working for Maria Mallaband.

start of year three and complete a further two years part-time. NMC requirements are that all placement hours are supernumerary but as part-time students over a longer period of time they will be able to work two days a week in their healthcare assistant role so the workforce is not depleted. Teesside has made it so easy for us,

and as such is the university of choice for our company.


Reference 1. Health Education England, Raising the Bar - Shape of Caring: A Review of the Future Education and Training of Registered Nurses and Care Assistants, 2015 https://www.hee. Shape-of-caring-review-FINAL.pdf • June 2021

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