Trimaran seakeeping tests for the TRIMAR project (2010)

cavitation calculations possible. Strong computers are needed and we now have a substantial cluster at MARIN. But previously everything was solved analytically.”

Relevance of CRS Commenting on how CRS findings are used, Ed stresses: “The results from CRS projects come in many forms: design guidelines and software to name a few. These results end up on the desks of people working for the member companies, whether they are involved in model testing, designing, class regulations… We are all trying these concepts out and they infiltrate our everyday business. Ultimately, the research that we do should contribute to designing, building and operating better ships.”

Undoubtedly, they all agree that CRS plays a valuable role in improving the maritime world.

Cooperation is key Jan says that he has been involved in CRS and many commercial projects. “When sitting in MARIN’s towing basin with clients you absorb this knowledge and a lot of this was acquired in CRS. It has improved my knowledge and how I could help clients. CRS deals with real issues, and incorporates input from ship crews, designers etc.” Do supports this view, adding: “CRS for sure enriches my function as a project manager and in turn, it helps MARIN’s customers.”

Additionally personal contacts are very important, they stress. “Forming relationships is vital. Members in CRS are talking to competitors, and we know we can call on each other to help solve the most complex issues.” Jan adds: “We know who to contact, a personal relationship always helps and you know they are all extremely knowledgeable people.”

Going forward Ed stresses that it is vital to remain relevant for end users, with the right topics and at the right pace of research, as new developments go much faster these days. Marinus adds that CRS has broadened its topics and membership in order to stay relevant, and emphasises that MARIN should maintain its role as the facilitator, at the hub of the organisation. Do stresses: “CRS has to deliver results so people still want to join.”

They all conclude: “CRS is about research of the members, by the members, for the members. The spirit of cooperation is key!”



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