New phase of Monitas Group project welcomes 7th FPSO

Pieter Aalberts

Bluewater contracted MARIN for the installation of an Advisory Hull Monitoring System (AHMS) on board the Aoka Mizu FPSO last December. The addition of this FPSO extends the fleet participating in the second phase of the Monitas Group project to seven FPSOs.

Aoka Mizu FPSO 3D model

In 2006 the Monitas JIP was initiated by more than 15 companies, including the oil majors and classification societies. The project succeeded in developing an AHMS that not only shows the consumed fatigue but also visualises and explains potential deviations from design predictions. Within the JIP the system was installed and successfully validated for both the Glas Dowr FPSO (Bluewater) and the USAN FPSO (Total).

Then in 2013 the Monitas Group focused on understanding the in-service hull fatigue of the FPSO by comprehensive analyses of the

18 report

measurements. The results of these analyses can be used for design verification, inspection planning and for lifetime extension proposals.

Second phase An AHMS was installed on board the CLOV FPSO (Angola) in 2013 and other systems became operational on the Ichthys FPSO (Australia), Moho Nord FPU (Congo) and Bonga FPSO (Nigeria) in 2017. With the large volume of new measurements and results being provided, the Monitas Group decided to continue the project into a second phase, which starts in April.

Bluewater’s turret moored Aoka Mizu FPSO had been operating at the Ettrick field, in the UK part of the North Sea, until the summer of 2016. It has since been contracted by Hurricane Energy for use on the Lancaster field, West of Shetland. Upgrade and life extension works to the vessel are currently being carried out, prior to installation at the field. First oil is expected in the first half of 2019. The structural monitoring system to be installed as part of the works will monitor environmental conditions including waves, the structural responses of the hull, mooring and turret, and the vessel’s motions. Please take a look at the previous Report magazine 122 (page 20) in which the integration of the mooring simulation software aNySIM into a fatigue tool is described.

Data from the AHMS on the Aoka Mizu is expected to be particularly beneficial to the project. The FPSOs currently equipped with AHMS are all located in relatively benign environments, compared to the West of Shetland. This environment allows validation of other aspects of the design tools, compared to those validated by data from existing systems. The Aoka Mizu will also be only the second FPSO on which the structural response of the turret housing will be studied. The involvement of the Aoka Mizu in the Monitas Group Project is therefore an important extension of the fleet.

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