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and whip hoist in a number of reefing configurations, sling hoist, block tugger and four horizontal tuggers. The block tugger and sling hoist can be configured in hoist (vertical) or tugger (horizontal) mode. The bridge position is equipped with four monitors showing a view from the bridge house over the deck, vessel/sail information, the Dynamic Positioning (MARIN DP) system and the AHS system. One or two operators can observe and control the ship positioning using the propulsion of the two main propellers, four retractable azimuth thrusters and two bow thrusters and they can control the vessel heel by pumping ballast water from starboard to port anti heeling tanks or vice versa. The MARIN DP system has been extended with a heavy lift mode for DP to be used during the critical phase of the heavy lift operation.

The OCM is able to have a view from the virtual deck position in all directions, so he will be able to observe and manage the operation.

Realistic scenarios The instructor is able to prepare scenarios from different areas of the world – in open sea and harbour - with the Bokalift vessel moored or drifting, with the payloads, sea fastenings and grillages. Environmental conditions such as current, wind-sea, swell, wind, fog and other weather conditions can be set while preparing scenarios but also during the simulation itself, to achieve realistic and challenging environmental training situations.

Initially the delivered payloads to be lifted are a Suction Bucket Jacket with its lifting tool, a topside with its grillage (including a jacket to position the topside on), and a Personnel Transfer Basket. All operator positions are equipped with portable phones to support the communication protocols.

The simulator was successfully installed at the Boskalis premises last February.

Peter Kortekaas, General Manager Marine Heavy Lift at Boskalis, said: “For Boskalis the full mission, heavy lift simulator is the perfect way to enhance safe and efficient heavy lift operations. With the simulator permanently installed at our offices we can easily train and familiarise operational crew with all aspects of the operation, like lifting, dynamic positioning, ballasting and communications. At the same time the simulator provides support during tendering and project preparation and execution. Because of their experience in numerical analyses and model testing in combination with operational experience, MARIN was the right partner for this job.”

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