Safe Arctic Logistics, Transport & Operations JIP launches


MARIN offers a wide selection of papers and doctoral theses in the field of hydrodynamics on its website at

The most recent publications include:

A procedure for the estimation of the numerical uncertainty of CFD calculations based on grid refinement studies Eça, L., Hoekstra,, Journal of Compu- tational Physics, 2014

Mathematical models for the prediction of manoeuvres of inland ships; does the ship fit in the river? Quadvlieg, F.H.H.A., PIANC Smart Rivers Conference, Liege/Maastricht, 2013

On February 13th the SALTO JIP kicked off in Houston with 15+ participants, including oil companies, offshore contractors, consult- ants, warranty surveyors and Class. The participating organisations share an interest in Arctic operations and in a responsible approach to engineering and operations design.

The SALTO JIP will provide a PC simulation tool for risk-based, probabilistic design to help the industry prepare for the environ- mental conditions (wind, fog, ice, icing) of the Arctic and henceforth, to optimise oper- ations of ships and offshore constructions. Pre-knowledge of workability, risk and limiting conditions will lead to enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact. Up to September 1 2014 interested parties can sign up as original participants.

To carry out this project, a partnership was formed by companies that have a long and reputed track record in the Arctic as ice forecasters and weather routing services, as ice advisors for offshore operations and as experts on ice breaking ship design and environmental sensitivity. The partners

4 report

comprise MARIN (NL), Danish Meteorological Institute (DK), Canatec (CAN), AKAC Inc. (CAN) and IMARES (NL). See also www. or contact Albert Aalbers,

Ship’s travelling time in approaching the Port of Rotterdam A. Cotteleer, Y. Koldenhof, AIS Workshop MOVE, 2013

October 2Software Seminar

We are pleased to invite you to the fifth MARIN Software Seminar. This seminar will be held in Hotel “De Nieuwe Wereld” in Wageningen on Thursday, October 2. MARIN experts and external users of MARIN software will present our software products during a variety of presenta- tions and demonstrations. Through this seminar we want to meet the users of MARIN software products, get feedback, share experiences and define future requirements. The presentations show how MARIN’s tools can be used as an integrated part of training, design and

engineering activities in your organi- sations. During the day we will share some of our experiences of complex numerical studies, looking both at the software’s use and hardware require- ment. Several new, innovative projects will be presented to highlight upcoming trends in the maritime simula- tion world.

If you are interested in attending please fill out the registration form online: Participation is free of charge.

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