Photograph: Igor Sachs - TOTAL E&P Angola

Real-time simulations are the best way to guarantee that emergency actions are carried out in a realistic manner. The deci- sion-making process and limitations caused by ship specific characteristics and the environment are all taken into account. The outcome of the simulations was combined with results from earlier studies. By combin- ing these results with the normal operation schedule, a picture was compiled of the optimum tug fleet needed to guarantee safe and efficient operations at the offloading terminals. The lessons from this study were carried forward to the simulator training sessions that are still regularly performed for mooring masters and tug captains.

Improving hull integrity by monitor- ing The fatigue assessment of an FPSO hull is a difficult but important design aspect of the permanently moored offshore structure (see separate article). The Advisory Hull Monitoring System (AHMS) developed within the Monitas JIP is an advanced hull monitor- ing system, which includes automatic and extensive analyses of the monitoring data. It explains reasons for potential deviation of the actual lifetime consumption from design predictions and translates the monitoring data into operational guidance and advice

in an easily understandable format. After successful implementation of this system on the USAN FPSO in 2009, TOTAL also decided to implement the system on the CLOV FPSO. The hull monitoring system - comprising a number of strain type sensors, Exe certified junction boxes and main cabinet - was installed on board during the construction of the FPSO by DSME in Korea.

Since the departure of the FPSO in October 2013, the system has been continuously monitoring the fatigue loads. Currently, the hull monitoring system software is being configured at MARIN and will be installed mid-2014 during the final commissioning of the FPSO offshore Angola, which enables the operator to keep a continuous eye on the lifetime consumption of the FPSO.

Real-time simulations

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