Simulation of side-by-side offloading operation

During the past 10 years, MARIN has successfully developed and used the time domain simulation program aNySIM. Joris van den Berg,

aNySIM, a versatile hydro-

dynamics engineering tool for now and for the future

aNySIM has grown into a highly generic toolbox that is used to simulate critical aspects of a wide range of operations. Examples are: mooring analysis for quay, jetty, turret, spread and multi-buoy moor- ing, offloading operability for both side-by- side and tandem offloading and crane load and motion analysis for installation work. The combination of state-of-the-art hydro- dynamics, non-linear fender and line models, dynamic mooring line models and complete DP systems, including thruster and control models, facilitates the realistic simulation of almost any operation at zero or negligible forward velocity.

In the last three years the aNySIM Code has undergone a major rewrite. The models have been migrated to MARIN’s generic

14 report

time domain simulation framework XMF. This means an even wider range of applica- tions are possible by combining models and functionality from different fields of exper- tise. For example, lifting and ballasting that is developed within the Obelics JIP (see separate article) can be combined with dynamic positioning for station keeping to see any possible interaction between the crane load motions and the station keeping. If human interaction plays a crucial role in the operation, a Full Mission Bridge Simula- tor can be combined with the advanced vessel load and response models.

aNySIM is used to support engineering in a variety of ways, being used in numerical studies on operability, safety and concept feasibility, as well as in the preparation of

model test setups. One set of simulation models can then be used throughout the whole engineering process.

If clients want to do their own simulations, the software aNySIM-pro can be leased on a project basis. MARIN prepares the first model input and checks that the setup provides a realistic simulation of the aspects crucial to that particular project. The program and input are delivered, including support on how to use and adapt the input for further simula- tions. Regular aNySIM users can also join a User Group. Members have access to the latest versions and can create their own input. User Group feedback on the develop- ment direction of aNySIM, will ensure that it remains the most versatile hydrodynamics engineering tool in the market.

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