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Nationwide Fleet Breakdown By Fuel Type

which charger fits a fleet’s needs, the slower AC charging or faster DC charging. “If the battery is 100 kWh, and the AC charger is 12 kW, you divide 100 by 12 and find that you need a little more than eight hours to charge the bus,” explained Zoheb Davar,of technology company Mobility House. “If a 50 kW DC charger is used, it takes about two hours.” A common problem is get- ting enough energy from the utility to the school district. Davar said the infrastructure upgrade can cost $100,000 or more. In California, Pacific Gas & Electric and SoCal Edison created programs to provide no-cost incentives.

Planning for the Future Davar advised, “Making smart decisions in the planning phase can save massive amounts of money and time later

84% “Clean” Diesel 59% Gasoline 47% Pre-2010 Diesel 15% Propane 5% CNG buses

4% Electric buses (Out of 255 responses.)

on. Using an energy management system like we offer at Mobility House helps make sure the buses are charged reliably.” Davar advises planning for expan-

sion by installing a panel with sufficient power for additional buses, choosing chargers that utilize the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 or above in order to utilize energy management software, and consider laying conduit for future chargers so that all of the trenching can be done at one time. “I’ve seen situations where a school

invested thousands of dollars in charging infrastructure which then [it]

needed to be updated because it didn’t meet the district’s daily needs,” said Marc-André Pagé, vice president of commercial operations for the Lion Electric Company. “Having the infrastructure in place is usually the biggest challenge before the delivery of electric buses. We really want to help educate people.” To do so, the Quebec-based manufacturer opened

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36 School Transportation News • AUGUST 2020

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