SAFETY FOR LOAD TURNING Material handling specialist, Demag, has introduced a new load turning function for its universal crane product range. The load turning capability achieves maximum safety and significant operational advantages, without the need for potentially costly additional engineering features. The Demag SafeControl unit monitors the entire load turning process.

Many users of indoor cranes are faced frequently with the complex task of not only lifting and horizontally moving heavy components, such as press tools, machine beds or special containers, but also turning these loads.

This function has been possible with Demag cranes for decades, but it required additional engineering features. Demag has now simplified and standardised the load turning function, with universal cranes and two hoists delivering the highest levels of safety, whilst eliminating the need for the same level of supplementary engineering work previously required. As a result, the crane operator benefits


D30 FROM SNICKERS WORKWEAR Hard work all day, every day means that some craftsmen and craftswomen put more pressure on their knees than many top athletes. So, the risk of long-term knee injuries and chronic pain can be far higher among trade professionals than most other occupations.

For years, Snickers Workwear has had the solution with its trousers and kneepad combination that it invented over thirty years ago. That solution has now become the patented Kneeguard and unique Kneeguard PRO system which delivers advanced knee protection for frequent kneeling on site, as well as those annoying knocks and bumps around the workplace.

Designed specifically for the increasingly popular street-smart, slim fit stretch work trousers, the newest slim fit D30 Ergo kneepads are made of durable material that moulds around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection.

from a cost-effective solution, which demonstrates functionality, high productivity and inherent safety.

The package of features enabling the load turning function includes more generous specification of the steel structure and the equipment incorporates extra sensors. In addition, the Demag SafeControl system, which provides safety-orientated control and monitoring of all crane motions and functions, has been modified specifically for the load turning process. Depending on the requirements for the capacity of the rope hoists, an inclined angle of pull of up to 20 degrees can be achieved, allowing loads of up to 50 tonne to be turned.

The user can choose between two versions, both of which are intrinsically safe. Precise measurement of the rope angle is achieved by combining the Demag SafeControl system with a two-channel, non-contact sensor system. The basic version provides an acoustic and visual warning as soon as the maximum rope angle deflection is reached.

In an alternative configuration, the Demag SafeControl system monitors all motion sequences for safe operation and automatically stops lifting and travel motions if the maximum permissible rope angle is exceeded. This helps achieve a high safety category of Performance Level d (lifting) or c (travelling) to EN 13849-1, category 3.

On both variants, the load turning function is wirelessly operated via joystick transmitters as standard, allowing intuitive control while closely watching the load to be turned. Alternatively, control is also possible with hand- held button transmitters or hand-held transmitters with mini-joystick operation.


It has an EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating to guard against pebbles, nails and various floor debris. There’s also superior cushioning and protection as standard with D3O, a high-tech material that’s flexible, durable and cut-resistant.

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