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Vortice installed the new DePuro Pro air purifier in its own Burton- upon-Trent offices and has reported excellent results. The floor area of the office is 139.5 square metres with a ceiling height of 2.32 metres and a volume of 323.04 cubic metres, so the DePuro Pro 300 was the appropriate unit to use. With a single unit running at 53% the office volume is filtered 1.2 times per hour.

General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “As part of our planning to bring our staff back into the office after working from home for several months, it was important to practice what we preach. We, more than many, understand how vital clean indoor air quality is to the health of those who work in our office environment, so as well as the usual COVID-secure practices, one of the first things we did was install the DePuro Pro air purifier.”

Technical Manager Andrew Dickinson continued: “We’ve seen a very large reduction in airborne contaminants including bacteria and viruses within the first 30 mins of the operation of the DePuro Pro and as the unit is working 24 hours per day, the levels are kept at low or very low levels constantly unless they are introduced by the opening of windows.”

Vortice currently runs the unit at 53% during the day and it is then programmed to run at a higher rate when the office is empty to purge the atmosphere. The DePuro Pro unit uses two stage filtering, the pre (first) filter is an ISO coarse 65% (F7) which removes the larger partials from the air stream, the primary filter is a HEPA H14.

The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) can capture at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3mm. They can filter out impurities and particles in the air, such as viruses, respirable dust, mites eggs and excretions, mould, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mites or cigarette smoke, asbestos, various toxic dusts and aerosols from the air, dander and allergens from the fur of dogs or cats.

Vortice is delighted that the DePuro Pro has generated a huge amount of interest in the first three months since its launch, in particular in the health (hospital and dentistry) sector and in care homes, this is now extending to shops and offices because the benefits are self-explanatory as the company seeks to do whatever it can to ensure the health of its staff and customers.

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