SEBO’s DART range offers professional cleaning performance from easy to manoeuvre machines which are suitable for anyone to use. The lightweight and versatile vacuum cleaners are offered in two differently sized models, DART 1 and DART 2, and also come as an ultra high speed polisher, the DART 3. These machines are designed to be agile, easy-to-use and achieve fantastic cleaning results.

All feature a 9.5m cable. The DART 1 has a 31cm brush ideal for small to medium areas. The DART 2 has a 37cm brush and is an excellent choice for medium to large areas. The DART 3 polisher is a cost-effective way to keep hard floors looking

brand new using chemical-free diamond pads.

All of the machines within the DART range feature ‘flex’ necks which enable rapid cleaning due to their high manoeuvrability. The twin motor design ensures reliable and powerful cleaning across all surfaces whilst the intelligent design of these models includes an automatic shut off, should the brush get jammed preventing further damage to the machine and any accidents.

With their incredible versatility, powerful performance and ease of use, it’s easy to see why these models are increasing in popularity.


A clean floor, which is good looking and attractive at first sight, makes the difference for any business. As a matter of fact, one of the main goals of floorcare is to maintain and keep the appearance of flooring shining over a long period of time.

In order to keep an investment like good flooring lasting for longer, cleaning operations have to be effective and efficient solutions, without overlooking the different requirements and needs for the diverse types of floor available.

Each type requires a specific method of cleaning, coming under the category of either hard or soft. For the most part, the former types can be made of ceramic tiles, bricks, concrete, natural stones, quartzite, flagstone or linoleum, whereas the latter can include hardwood flooring and carpets.

As the first step for easy and regular maintenance of all floors, the use of vacuums and sweepers is essential in order to remove all dust, dirt and debris on the surfaces and keep floors spotlessly clean.

In this regard, IPC Group proposes the LP range, with efficient and easy to use dry vacuum cleaners, in line with the new ECODESIGN requirements. For instance, the LP 1/16 ECO B is a dry use vacuum cleaner whose 16l capacity ensures a long operative autonomy. The ergonomic design


makes it comfortable to transport and store, as in the case of the lightweight and compact LP 1/12 ECO. Both of these are recommended for maximum vacuum power performance on small and medium surfaces, with unrivalled cleaning results.

Even the IPC 464 sweeper is an optimal solution for vacuuming dust and small debris. This is a walk-behind electric sweeper, whose innovative ‘Self Levelling System’ allows great cleaning performances through a constant pressure on the floor.

From a long-term perspective, efficient floor cleaning is the winning choice, making you save time – through fast and easy cleaning solutions – and money, preserving your floors as if they were brand new.

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