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Paul Igo, technical director The Preparation Group, outlines how to specify the correct tools and accessories for use in areas that are inaccessible to larger machines.

There are a range of hand tools available, which are, specifically designed for the quick and efficient preparation and finishing of small areas or confined spaces where larger machines cannot reach. Such as along edges and walls, around columns, under racking and into corners. Most of the hand tools have a variety of compatible accessories that allow multi-functional use.

interchangeable outer PCD rings. There are two rings available; 6 Piece for the removal of thick sticky coatings and 18 Piece for the removal of thin adhesives and paint. Manufactured from polycrystalline diamond, a composition that scrapes rather than grinds, they efficiently and cost effectively ‘lift’ these problem materials.

For small, shallow cutting or chasing projects prior to flooring installations, a hand grinder fitted with a cutting disc is a staple choice for the contractor. It is used to create expansion joints in concrete and flooring systems to allow for substrate movement and to prevent cracks during the curing process. General purpose blades are designed to cut concrete, asphalt, stone and ceramic.

The Preparation Group - 9'' Hand Grinder

Hand Grinders, in 5’’ and 9’’ are heavy duty, multi-tasking power tools for grinding, keying and smoothing. They can be fitted with; Turbo Grinding Discs for tasks such as removing paint and concrete laitance and levelling surfaces, PCD discs for the removal of sticky coatings, latex screeds, adhesives and certain asphalts and Cutting Discs for chasing out. A shroud, or dust cowl ensures dust pollution control when connected to an effective vacuum unit.

When choosing a grinding disc, it is important to note that a hard composition surface will require a soft bond segment and a soft composition surface will require a hard bond segment. The selection of the correct accessory will optimise the life of the diamond disc and maximise grinding performance. Turbo Grinding Discs produce smoother results than traditional ‘single or double row’ discs, which can leave obvious ring marks on the surface.

PCD discs to fit 9’’ hand grinders comprise of a cup disc onto which fit


Wet Polishers fitted with Resin Bonded Discs are designed to clean and polish hard surfaces. Featuring variable speed, they produce a gloss finish on hard surfaces such as ground concrete, terrazzo, marble and granite. On some models, water is delivered through the centre of the tool head directly onto the surface, washing away debris and contaminants, with the added benefits of reducing airborne particles, extending diamond life and producing a more consistent finish.

Resin Bonded Discs are available in a wide range of grades from 50 to 3000 grit. The polishing of edges needs to be carried out at each stage of the whole polishing operation, moving up with the corresponding grit sizes or grades to ensure that the result blends in and that there are no obvious lines.

Mechanical Breakers are used to break out concrete and lift materials such as screeds, tiles, vinyl and carpet and where tile strippers cannot reach. They have variable speeds and can be fitted with interchangeable points, chisels and blades. Some have anti-vibration features included and can be trolley mounted for reduced operator fatigue.

When selecting accessories for hand tools there are numerous

factors to consider, not merely the degree of preparation specified, but the composition of the material to be removed or when grinding and polishing, the hardness of the substrate and type and percentage of aggregate content. A test area is ideal.


Getting the operator off their hands and knees The Preparation Group has a 180 Grinder, designed for preparing small areas and edgework, which allows an upright, ergonomic work position. With built-in features to reduce hand-arm vibration, there is no restriction on the length of usage that is associated with using hand grinders. It features a powerful 2.5kw motor, fits turbo grinding discs and PCD’S and folds down for easy transportation.

Reducing fatigue and back strain The Preparation Group has launched a trolley mounted Anti-Vibration Breaker & Tile Lifter that is designed to improve operator comfort and can be used four times longer than conventional breakers. The angle of operation is easily adjusted to suit both the user and the application. Interchangeable tools are available for multi-functional use.

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