been designed optimally compared to using the prior design process up to this point. Altair Flux does have electric circuit building capabilities, which is useful for simple circuits; however, to achieve more accuracy for the control system, we will use a diff erent simulation tool that is better suited for this task and integrate this into the design process. Building this system will be accomplished in Altair Activate, a multidomain system simulation environment that will allow us to model the complex inputs not only for the power electronics, but also the detailed controls algorithms, in this case using space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM).

Flux density after testing

SUMMARY In the project new methodology and new processes have been developed to successfully execute all tasks and phases. Since the execution in the optimisation engine (HyperStudy) requires that all steps can be executed automatically, eff ort has been spent on designing batch scripts which support the automatic execution of the process. The processes have been developed on the basis of the

Altair HyperWorks suite of tools which have open APIs and can be executed in batches. This shows the potential of using simulation-driven design. As soon as the optimisation process has been successfully setup, it can deliver signifi cant information about design directions, sensitivities and the consequences of design choices made during the development. The studies performed so far show that an initial design can be improved considerably when run through the design optimisation process. The process described here has not yet reached the fi nal

state. Porsche and Altair are working on improving it and adding new aspects. ■

PerforMore - a key link for high power transfer

The new two-pole PerforMore plug connector in angled design offers greatest possible flexibility: Thanks to its compactness and the high degree of protection (IP69), the connector is perfectly suitable for use at various interfaces along the drive train. The powerful 10 mm contacts transmit continuous currents up to 400 A with minimal power loss. A high-quality 360° shielding gua- rantees adequate attenuation even at high frequencies. The two-step locking system enables easy and fast installation with simultaneously safe, because delayed disconnection process.

Compactness and performance redefined

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