Chairman’s introduction to STA Annual Guide

Over 20 years ago Dave Curtis was asked by the initial committee to create and develop the STA. He had the vision of creating a community of regulators, plant operators, test houses and equipment suppliers who could come together to develop practical, technically robust solutions to real issues related to industrial emissions monitoring – The STA was born.

Over the past 20 years the STA has grown consistently with this vision, with its infl uence and benefi ts felt throughout the UK. Its role continues to grow in the UK and internationally with members coming together to develop practical solutions to regulatory and emerging measurement issues. Much of this progress is down to the energy, commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm of Dave Curtis and we send him our heartfelt thanks and gratitude and wish him and his wife Sue the very best for the future in his retirement in the coming months

The STA management committee is making arrangements to ensure that all of Dave’s STA activities will continue to be undertaken following his retirement at the end of March 2018. As part of this restructuring, Simon Medhurst has agreed to become the STA representative and will liaise closely with external organisations. Simon has been actively involved in the STA since its formation - he was Chairman in 1999 and, since 2003, has been a presenter of many of the STA training courses.

We are also very fortunate that Samantha , Ashley, Steve and Andy who have supported Dave administering the Association over many years will continue in their roles and support Simon going forward. We are also pleased that Samantha Harvey has become the Association’s company secretary.

The Source Testing Association plays an important role to ensure current and future emissions monitoring requirements are technically sound, can be justifi ed without being overly burdensome, are safe to perform in the real world of industrial stacks, and most importantly are appropriate for the intended purpose and application. Our mission of supporting the monitoring community remains as important today as it ever was.

William Averdieck Chairman STA

The Source Testing Association is committed to the advancement of the science and practice of emission monitoring and to develop and maintain a high quality of service to customers. The Association was formed in 1995 and has a membership of more than 200 companies. Every two years, the membership elects offi cers who become the governing body and directors of the Association. The Association is a non-profi t-making organisation and all proceeds are used to enhance membership services. The Association's headquarters are in Hitchin, Hertfordshire with meeting rooms, library and administration offi ces.

Contact details Source Testing Association, Unit 9, Knowl Piece Business Centre, Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 OTY. Tel: +44 (0)1462 457535 Fax: +44 (0)1462 457157 Email: Web:


Twenty Years of Dave 4

Standards and Methods for Environmental Monitoring in the UK

11 Troubleshooting Projects - The Art of Perfection


Acronyms and abbreviations used in emission monitoring

29 STA Members A-Z listings


Emissions testing 39

Analytical laboratories 40

Equipment Suppliers: source monitoring


Equipment Suppliers: Ambient monitoring


Specialist services 48

Ambient monitoring services

48 Training

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