the pace slowed down a little after the turn and I didn’t play the front as well, but it was still a very enjoyable round.

4 So are we going to see you at TPC in the Phoenix Open Pro-Am sometime?

Boy, I hope so. I would love

to do that but, of course, it falls in the middle of our season, which makes it tough. It would be a lot of fun, not only to play with all the fans out there but also to have all the celebrities around. With those fans, that event has an arena feel that would really make it a different kind of golf experience.

5 Do you have much time to play during the season?

A little bit, but the schedule

gets really busy, so even if I have the time, I might be too tired and just want to relax a little bit and get some rest. I try to at least get out to the driving range and hit some balls and then some chips and putts. I really enjoy doing that. I loved working on my game even as a kid. To me, it’s relaxing and it’s kind of an escape to do something different during the season. It’s a good way to unwind.

6 What is it like when you play golf with teammates?

We try to get together during

the off-season. There’s a little money changing hands but it’s mostly just a lot of fun. We have quite a few good golfers on the team, like Clayton Keller, who also plays around scratch. I know that Brad Richardson is a pretty good stick, too, so I’m looking forward to playing some with him. We’re all pretty competitive, so of course it’s going to be fun when we tee it up.

7 A lot of hockey players seem to be good golfers. What is the correlation?

Well, as far as the shot, it’s a

very similar motion. The golf swing is almost like a slap shot really. The difference is that instead of being inside in a hockey rink, we’re out in the wide- open spaces with sunshine and you’ve got a lot of turf to cover. The big thing about golf is that one day you can be unbelievably good and the next day be incredibly awful. But that’s probably what keeps bringing us back to it because we are competitive and we want to experience more of those great days.

Whether it’s golf with the guys (opposite page) or NHL hockey (top), Arizona Coyotes star Brendan Perlini swings a mighty mean left-handed stick. In other photos, Perlini gets a little work on his putting before answering a few questions from AZGOLF Insider’s John Davis.

8 What was your experience like with the Ryder Cup players?

My dad knew a lot of those guys

because he was an avid golfer as well as a hockey player and was something of a celebrity in England, so he played in pro-ams with them. That’s how I got to meet them. Looking back on it, I was pretty young at the time so I wasn’t completely aware of what was going on. As a kid, it just seemed kind of normal, but when I look at the pictures now with guys like Seve Ballesteros and Sergio Garcia, it’s pretty awesome that I got to be around them. I’m a big Ryder Cup fan anyway and a European Tour fan, so now I appreciate a lot more what a great experience that was.

9 This year, especially in February, your team got on a pretty good roll.

What do you see for the future of

the Coyotes? I think it looks really good. We are starting to come together and find a groove, which is something that is always going to take time with a young team with a lot of new players. Hopefully, we will be able to take that momentum to the end of the season and then carry it over into next year. The big thing is just trying to get better every day and trying to learn from experiences, without getting too high or too low, and I think we have players who know how to do that. That’s what we have been able to do this year and hopefully it will continue. n

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