Towering Gothic Arches at Harris Manchester College, fitted with secondary glazing

contain decorative wooden panelling, gothic revival architectural detailing and large stained-glass windows. With a new construction site opposite the main building, Selectaglaze treated four rooms that were affected by noise and dust ingress in the Grade II Listed building: two meeting rooms, a student common room, and the Tate Library. In the two meeting rooms: Series 20


slimline vertical sliding units were installed; colour matched in a wood grain finish to complement the wood panelling and reveals. They were glazed with 6.8mm acoustic glass and placed to optimise the cavity, ensuring high levels of acoustic reduction, as well as offering access for cleaning and maintenance. The primary windows in the Tate Library

are tall gothic arched windows, with three stained glass windows forming a main bay.

They all had single glazed openings which could not prevent draughts efficiently or keep the noise out. To complement the interior decor and leaded casings, the timber sub frames and secondary glazing profiles were colour coated in 9005 Jet Black Matt. The tall gothic arches measured around 4.5m tall and had a mezzanine cutting them

Lotus School is a first in more ways than one...

The opening of the Lotus School in Blackpool is a first in more ways than one. It is the first purpose-built social environmental mental health school in the area. It is also the first in the area to be fitted with the first COVID-compliant hybrid ventilation. The main teaching classrooms and sports hall are all aired using Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd’s innovative MFS hybrid ventilation units, installed by Read & Errington. In total, 24 MFS 128 units have been fitted through the two-storey facade into the classrooms, with a further three MFS-V roof-mounted units to the sports/main hall. In addition to being the first stand-alone hybrid ventilation system designed, developed and manufactured in Britain (co-incidentally just up the road from Lotus School), Gilberts’ MFS is also the first of its type to be COVID-compliant as standard. Since its launch, MFS has become the product of choice for ventilation in schools, combining natural ventilation with a heat exchanger to minimise energy wastage by extracting, via a low energy fan and mixing damper, the warmth from the ‘used’ internal air being exhausted and transferring it to the cooler fresh incoming air.

01253 766911 Make surfaces safer with Parkside’s antibacterial tiles

Parkside has launched four new wall and floor tile collections with built-in antibacterial protection. Years of research have resulted in wall and floor tile collections with antibacterial protection. Inspired by nature, the collection’s built-in technology uses tin oxide and titanium oxide to create a finish that is antibacterial and anti-viral. Now available in Beat, Sylkin, Larkham and Tyne, the technology is proven to eliminate 99.7 per cent of common bacteria. Unlike similar products, where the antibacterial properties fade with time, Parkside’s protection is permanent and lasts for the lifetime of the tile. In fact, the technology is enhanced by solar and artificial light, yet still performs under dark conditions. Making businesses and public spaces safer and more hygienic around the clock, the tiles also require less use of cleaning chemicals or detergents, while bad odours are also eliminated. Available in a range of looks, including authentic Tyne brick in red and white, and delivering 36+ PTV and the collection answers the need for floors, walls and surfaces that are durable and easy to keep safe in hospitality, leisure and other commercial projects.

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arris Manchester College is one of the main Colleges at Oxford University. The Victorian buildings

part way, which made the design and installation tricky. The portion of the window below the mezzanine was a Series 10 horizontal sliding unit. Stacked above, in an area not requiring access, were two series 42 fixed lights. Above these up to the spring point, was another Series 10, followed by three Series 42 curved fixed lights including reverse curving to follow the lines and details of the tracery at the head. Installed with 6.8 laminate glass and a generous cavity; the space inhibits disruption, is warmer and provides UV shielding to the books and manuscripts in the Library. The student Common Room needed a resolution to prevent noise entering from the neighbouring construction site, and also to stop noise escaping from it and troubling locals. Series 20 slimline vertical sliders were installed in white to match the interior design.

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