water temperature of around 80°C, covering them with a guard creates an ‘insulation space’ around the radiator while still allowing convection, which helps reduce the risk of accidental burn injury. A further option is available within our range that ensures the LST guard’s temperature does not exceed 43°C. Also, for more than a decade, every model

in our SafeHeat range has been coated with an antibacterial finish, as standard, which is effective against a range of bacteria and is an important feature post-Covid. Although the Prima LST guards are

popular in education projects, the Ultima LST guards are the most regularly specified for reasons of functionality and cost- effectiveness. They also feature radiused corners for additional safety. As a general rule, the built-in lockable easy- access panels featured on the Prima Plus and Ultima Plus models are not typically specified, as they would be on healthcare projects, which helps minimise cost. Instead, the panels can be simply unscrewed from walls for routine maintenance and cleaning. When compared to the cost of replacing

existing radiators with dedicated LST units, SafeHeat radiator guards can represent a significant cost-saving on refurbishment projects, enabling more cost-effective budget use without compromising on safety.

Decorative and durable Beyond the specific applications, functionality and requirements of washrooms and LST products in education,

our Radius column casings range and Profiles services casings are usually specified for their decorative qualities and durability. Designed to conceal interior and exterior

structural steelwork, as well as concrete columns, Radius includes six individual column casing types. A wide range of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes are included, which makes it possible to find appropriate casing solutions for all internal and external columns. While regularly installed on refurbishment

and upgrading projects, Radius is also used on new-build projects to improve the aesthetics of exterior and interior structural supports, in foyers, main halls, and gym areas where steel columns are positioned around the perimeter requiring semi-circular casings. However, it’s important that the right products are chosen for their application. External column casings should be manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or GRP for reasons of toughness, durability, and weather-resistance. As GRP casings are produced from

moulds, it allows both bespoke shapes to be specified, while metal casings have the same level of versatility, as they can be formed and manufactured to meet a wide range of shapes and sizes. Pre-formed plywood casings finished in

high pressure laminates, also provide a highly durable and versatile solution, with an exceptionally wide range of finish options. While they are highly durable and resistant to scuffing, the plywood core makes them suitable only for interior applications.

The Profiles range

Raising the ‘Profile’ In common with the Radius’ plywood column casings, our Profiles brand of service casings is manufactured from the same material and is pre-formed and pre-finished. This manufacturing approach allows a

wide range of choice in terms of sizes, while removing the need for on-site fabrication of boxing to conceal pipework, such as those used on heating systems and below washbasins or to conceal electrical or communication cable routing. We’ve found that site-made boxing

solutions typically vary from room to room or between locations, as the fabrication is reliant on the individual skills of more than one person, which leads to inconsistency. Our pre-formed boxing, however, is a

finished product that is specified rather than created at the point of installation. They just need to be cut to length and fitted with screws and battens. Also, they are much easier to remove and replace for routine inspection or maintenance. Across all our products, we provide

support to educational specifiers in a number of ways. One of the most regularly used and easy to access, is our library of downloadable specification clauses and DWG and PDF format drawings. We currently have more than 200 drawings, which is growing as more products are launched and all are available on our website.

The Radius range

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