The Real Benefi ts of Lemon Water According to Science

vitality and cleansing effects on the body lemon water provides? Lemon water sounds like a good idea,


and you've probably seen pictures on Pinterest of large pitchers of water with vibrant lemons and the top 10 reasons why you should be drinking it.

It's easy to take these images and lists

at face value, and most won't end up actu- ally drinking lemon water regularly, rather be able tell their friends the top 10 reasons lemon water is good for you.

ost of us have seen the Top 10 lists of why we should be drinking lemon water. But do we really know the added

We're interested in the part that adds vitality and incredible cleansing effects on the body. If you're just getting started on a path of feeling better through diet change then making a replacement of lemon wa- ter for a morning coffee is a great fi rst step. I truly believe that we have the power to heal our bodies by adapting what we consume every day. Our challenge is to:

1. Look through the top benefi ts we've listed below and fi nd the one benefi t that will motivate you to start incorporat- ing lemon water into your daily life.

2. Commit to 14 days of lemon water

3. Write down how you feel on day 1, then on day 14

4. Let us know what you experienced. What We Know About Lemons Botanically, it is a citrus fruit in the

Rutaceae family (scientifi cally known as Citrus Limon), and while being the small- est in its family has more comprehensive health benefi ts than its family members. They are likely to have originated in India around the Himalayan foothills and spread from there. The two main types of lemons are the Lisbon and Eureka. There are other's that have come into vogue such as the sweeter Meyer Lemons. The fruit is lower in calories about 29

per 100 grams, which makes it one of the lower in its family.

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Lemons as a Source of Vitamin-C We know lemons are high in vitamin

C which is essential for normal growth and development. A single lemon contains around 30-40 mg of vitamin C (in com- parison an orange contains around 80-90 mg of vitamin C). Vitamin C has been studied exten- sively and shown to have a myriad of

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