Routes to a great career

ELECT has launched a new series of

recommended training routes to provide clear advice on the right path to becoming a qualifi ed electrician in Scotland.

Developed in partnership with The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP), the guidance is designed for both school leavers and those looking for a career in the electrical industry at any age.

The three routes clearly stress that becoming a fully qualifi ed electrician can only be achieved with valid on-site work experience, as opposed to courses that off er no real-world practical skills. Fiona Harper, Director of

Employment and Skills at SELECT, said: “The message from these graphics is clear – becoming a qualifi ed electrician is not possible without gaining the

work-based Modern Apprenticeship and SVQ in Electrical Installation at SCQF 7. “We hope the three routes will help people make informed decisions about the correct way to train and achieve a valued electrical qualifi cation that is recognised by employers.”

The new infographics – which are hosted on the Electrical Careers website

need to make to keep our skills fit for purpose as the sector advances.” Mike Stark, Director at

Atalian Servest AMK, has also joined the board of the EETF, which was established by SELECT in 1998 and provides grants to support training, funds a number of different projects

– show three ways into the industry: apprentice training, adult training and the Crediting Electrotechnical Competence scheme. Fiona, who is also The Secretary of The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB), added: “Choosing one of these three routes is the only way to developing a trained, certifi ed and competent individual. “The value of the SJIB apprenticeship has continued to prove its worth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 500 apprentices taken on in Scotland since last summer. “This proves that both trainees and

employers see the value in a proper grounding and training in all aspects of electrical work that will help build an electric future for us all.”

T e next generation Page 18 Making the right decision Page 24 Take the road to success Page 26 Apprentice of the Year Page 29

and encourages continuing career progression. He said: “I fully acknowledge the central role that training must play if we are to have the skillsets we need to take us forward in a technologically exciting and fast-changing working environment. “Having mentored

employees and apprentices CABLEtalk APRIL/MAY 2021 11

at Arthur McKay, I know that there is a wealth of talent in this country, as well as an enthusiasm for, and understanding of, the potential rewards of a career as an electrician.”

Minister praises

COVID response Skills Minister Jamie Hepburn has joined the SJIB and Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT) to salute employers for supporting young talent during COVID-19. T e industry bodies have applauded

businesses for recruiting, training and nurturing trainees during the pandemic and say their dedication is the perfect example of “business backing talent” – the theme of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which ran from 1-5 March. Fiona Harper, T e Secretary of the SJIB, said: “Even without additional support at this diffi cult time, employers have still been there, continuing to ensure the talent of tomorrow is being trained the right way. SELECT Members should be saluted for stepping in and off ering to help with much-needed off ers of work to the 80-plus apprentices who have been made redundant as a result of the lockdown.” Anne Galbraith, chief executive of

SECTT, said: “Employers have once again demonstrated their ongoing commitment to apprentices, stepping up when it really matters.” T is ongoing commitment to skills

and training was also acknowledged by Mr Hepburn, Scottish Government Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills. T e minister said: “It has been highly encouraging to witness the determination of employers throughout Scotland’s electrical industry to keep investing in the future by training and supporting tomorrow’s highly skilled electricians. “Apprenticeships are

a core part of our skills system in Scotland, enabling employers to invest in their workforce and provide the skills that we need now and in the future.”

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