ered position on or after July 1, 2022. Tis is ACT 366. Secondly, contributory members will see an increase in the contribution they must pay into the APERS system. Tis contribution rate sits at 5 percent now, but will begin a rise to 7 percent over the next eight years, also beginning on July 1, 2022. Each year will see an increase of 0.25 percent until it reaches the 7 percent figure on July 1, 2029. Tis is ACT 365. Tirdly, and this is a change from what the APERS board

had voted on, there will be a change in the Final Average Compensation (FAC) calculation, but instead of applying to existing members it will apply only to those first hired on or after July 1, 2022. For those new hires who eventually reach retirement, the FAC will expand to a five-year average instead of the three-year average. Tose already in the system will continue to use the three-year average. Tis is ACT 370. Tere are several other bills running in retirement — some good, some not so good. Please stay tuned to our communi- cation channels as we get close to the end. Next I would like to turn your attention to a series of bills

that are being run that are strongly supported by our law enforcement. I am not going to get into the details on them because as you will see later in this issue there is extensive coverage. Te “Back the Blue” package of legislation is im- portant for all law enforcement in our state, and our sheriffs have long-needed some of the training, financing and, well,

love that is being shown them in these bills. While we knew there would be movement in this session to push Governor Hutchinson’s task force recommendations, it has been a breath of fresh air to see incredible support in the legislature. Please take the time to read AAC Law Clerk Dorothy

Spector’s article on “Back the Blue” in this issue. Te state of law enforcement in Arkansas will hopefully be given some opportunities in this session that have long-lasting positive impacts on generations to come. Please get yourselves ready for some major financial influxes with even more major responsibilities under the recently signed American Rescue Plan (ARP). I think many of us have learned that one of the most dangerous things in our fiscal lives is money without a plan to spend it. Tis is about to happen, or at least appear to happen when ARP checks are deposited into county and municipal bank accounts. Te problem is, there is a plan on how it can be spent — but it may come after you receive money. Also, please know that the vast majority of this money will be used for recovery in our communities, not for the county coffers. ARP simply shifts the decision-making on where this money goes to a local level. We are working diligently to present counties with a system

that provides answers on how money can and cannot be spent. Tere’s no way to cover all of this just yet, but expect some very important communications from us in the coming days.

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