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called “25 Office Exercises: Easy Desk-Friendly Ways to Get Fit in 2021.” Here is the link to the article: https:// Tere are great explanations, pictures, and even short videos on how to do each exercise. In these days of COVID-19, we have heard much about the merits of good hygiene. When we talk about hygiene we usually think about cleanliness. We think about hand washing, for example. But Hoebeke notes, “Hygiene is defined as any action taken to maintain health and prevent disease. Hygiene also includes seeking out preventative medical care such as getting physical exams, going to the dentist and seeing an eye doctor if you have vision issues.” In these pandemic days, taking care of regular

preventative health screenings has been difficult and scary at best. However, my doctor recently told me the medical community expects the incidence of various kinds of cancer to greatly increase this year because people have avoided getting much-needed physicals, mammograms, female/male exams and screenings, colonoscopies, etc.

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Please do not skip your wellness exams. Te doctors have found many ways to get them done in COVID safe ways. We complete this examination of physical wellness

with relaxation. Most of us know how important down time is, but we usually put it at the bottom of our to-do list. However, relaxation is not just an important mental exercise to unwind our mind at the end of a tough day. Hoebeke says, “Tension can build up in muscles causing headaches or back pain and stress hormones can cause a variety of nasty symptoms including adrenal fatigue.” In these hectic, get it all done and get it done now days

we must take the time to unplug and rejuvenate ourselves. Scheduling time to simply relax and enjoy yourself is important to your overall health. Whether it is getting a massage, staying home and reading a good book, or playing your favorite sport, some “me time” does everyone good. It takes time and effort to consistently work on your physical wellbeing. But I can tell you from experience that when you are faced with a health crisis, you will be in better shape to face it head on. Take good care of your body, and your body will take good care of you.



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