HJR1016 — Rep. Jim Dotson (R); To revise the rules of pleading, practice, procedure, and evidence of the courts (this is currently a shell bill).

HJR1017 — Rep. Jim Dotson (R); To provide that certain elected officials be elected on a partisan basis (this is currently a shell bill).

HJR1018 — Rep. Robin Lundstrum, Sen. Jane English

(R); To extend Arkansas lottery scholarship and grant eligi- bility to Arkansas citizens enrolled in technical institutes or vocational-technical colleges.

HJR1019 — Rep. Robin Lundstrum, Sen. Gary Stubble- field (R); To amend Amendment 80, providing that Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals, circuit, and district judg- es be elected on a partisan basis.

HJR1020 — Rep. Josh Miller (R); Concerning fines and restrictions on frivolous lawsuits (this is currently a shell bill).

HJR1021 — Rep. Vivian Flowers (D); To prohibit slavery or indentured servitude as punishment for a crime.

HJR1022 — Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R); To amend the powers of the General Assembly and Arkansas Supreme Court to mirror the Federal Rules Enabling Act (this is currently a shell bill).

HJR1023/SJR13 — Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R), Sen. Jason

Rapert (R); To expand on Arkansas citizens’ right to keep and bear arms; to prohibit the state or a political subdivision of the state from infringing on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

HRJ1024/SJR14 — Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R), Sen. Jason

Rapert (R); to limit the state or local government from in- fringing on a citizen’s freedom of religion only when there is a compelling state interest to do so and the means implemented is the least restrictive means available; to provide a claim or defense for an Arkansas citizen whose freedom of religion is burdened by state or local government.

HJR1025 — Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R); To vest in jurors the sole authority to determine the amount of compensation awarded for, or civil penalty imposed because of, injuries to persons or property.

SJR1 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To amend short-term financ- ing for municipalities; to allow municipalities to utilize 10- year financing for acquisition of fire trucks.

SJR2 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To allow the General Assem- COUNTY LINES, WINTER 2021


bly to call a special session by submitting petitions signed by a majority of both chambers to the Governor. Business would be restricted to the purposes listed in the petition.

SJR3 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To eliminate sovereign im- munity for the State and allow the State to be sued in a circuit court like any other party.

SJR4 — Sen. Mark Johnson (R); To eliminate specific re-

quirements for funding public schools (as determined by the Lake View School District v. Huckabee Supreme Court case); to vest sole authority for the specifics of funding public schools with the General Assembly.

SJR5 — Sen. Jason Rapert (R); To amend the manner in which primary elections are held (this is currently a shell bill).

SJR6 — Sen. Clarke Tucker (D), Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R);

To require the General Assembly to establish a revised elec- tions process for general elections, special elections, and elec- tions for nonpartisan offices; all candidates would be listed on a single ballot regardless of party affiliation. Te two candi- dates receiving the highest number of votes would advance to the general election.

SJR11 — Sen. Greg Leding (D), Sen. Jay Richardson (D); To

create an implied warranty of habitability in Arkansas; to decrimi- nalize failure to pay rent or failure to vacate; to prohibit certain terms and conditions from being included in rental agreements.

SJR12 — Sen. Greg Leding (D); To amend laws regarding qualifications to vote in elections (this is currently a shell bill).

SJR15 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To require the Governor to con-

vene the General Assembly into special session within 24 hours of declaring an emergency by executive order or proclamation.

SJR16 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To provide that interscho- lastic or intramural athletic programs sponsored by a public school shall be specifically designated based on biological sex, and that teams designed for females shall not be open to bio- logical males and vice versa.

SJR17 — Sen. Bob Ballinger (R), Rep. Justin Gonzales (R);

To provide for a constitutional review of certain federal provi- sions prior to their implementation (this is currently a shell bill).

SJR18 — Sen. Alan Clark (R); To amend the United States Constitution to provide that the United States Supreme Court shall consist of nine Justices (this is currently a shell bill).


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