Robert Root

Stop by the Shelby County Historical Society (SCHS) to learn more about the famous Shelbyville artist. A man prominent in the cultural life in Illinois—his most fa- mous paintings include the Lincoln-Douglas Debate which hangs in the Illinois Capital Building and the Lincoln-Thornton Debate which hangs in the Shelby County Courthouse. Critics have declared that the artist’s portraits of Lincoln are the best that have ever been done. Literature on Root can be found at the SCHS or the Public Library.

Dishwasher Invented

Josephine Cochrane had ingenuity in her genes. Her great grandfather was credit- ed with the steamboat and her father John Garis helped build the original city of Chicago. Josephine is reported to have said, “If nobody else is going to invent a dishwashing machine, I’ll do it myself. This was after servants had chipped her fine china as they washed it. In 1886, Jo- sephine, of Shelbyville, patented the first

dishwasher that was invented in a woodshed adjoining her home. This home still stands today as a private residence. For several years, she privately promoted her company, the Cochrane’s Crescent Washing Machine Company. In 1893, she unveiled her invention at the World’s Fair and won the highest award. Years later, with the purchase of the origi- nal patent, her company became the now famous KitchenAid Company. German Channel ARD filmed a documentary named Patents and Tal- ents. They were in Shelbyville for several days to film a reenact- ment of Josephine and her dishwasher using local residents.

32 32 Horace Tallman Hay Baler

Horace M. Tallman was the inventor of the 1st success- ful mechanical Pick up Hay Baler. Tallman was born in 1863 in Shelby County and moved to Shelbyville. In 1905, he built small models of hay balers. He sold his first invention to the Ann Arbor Machine Co. in 1915, buying the company four years later when they went bankrupt. In 1922, he moved the company to Shel- byville. Mr. Tallman passed away April 17, 1929, and his sons continued the work. In 1930, a farmer bought and operated a brand new Ann Arbor pickup baler, setting a new record for getting such a radically new machine into production. By 1935, they were operating in 19 countries. Oliver purchase the company in 1943 and moved it in 1970. in 1980, the American Society of Agri- cultural Engineers dedicated a plaque in Shelbyville commemorating the importance of Tallman’s hay balers to American Agriculture.

The Informant

Scenes from the 2009 movie were filmed in Moweaqua. The movie starred Matt Damon and Scott Bakula

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