verything maintains a delicate bal- ance in life. Relationships, finances, and mental health are some of the

Vertigo and Other Balance Disorders brainstem.

more practical things that require balance day-to-day, exemplifying a comparable balance maintained inside the body rou- tinely throughout our lives. There is fluid- ity to it all, like a never-ending game of percentages, a shift toward a school grad- ing scale equivalent of “A” level balance and the subsequent positive momentum that comes with it followed then by the pendulum swinging the other way in a test of resiliency sometimes too hard to pass. When it comes to problems with balance and equilibrium suffered by those diag- nosed with conditions like vertigo, Me- niere’s disease, and others, resiliency has been weakened to a significant degree, so what factors shape the loss of that delicate balance and what can be done to correct them?

First, it is important to understand how balance and equilibrium are established. The brain depends on feedback from the

eyes and the inner ears. The position of the eyes is a dynamic constantly read by the brain, as is the amount of fluid in each of the various inner ear canals. This aware- ness is accomplished through the hub of the body’s internal communication net- work, the brainstem, and the nerves branching from it. An even keel can typi- cally be upheld so long as the feedback loop between the brain, eyes, and ears remains clear of distortion through the

Unfortunately, there is a simple but com- mon problem that can throw balance and equilibrium slowly and progressively into chaos.

Due to the importance of eye position and inner ear fluid equality, the head needs to remain at least reasonably level. The head sits on the top bone in the spine, which

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