friends that went out 2 times week; once for a fun outing and once for a spiritual/ self help book club meeting. She is taking a weekly Zumba class and feels light on her feet. And she has started dating for the first time in 8 months. Heather feels like even though this

process took some time, it was also incred- ibly fun. She easily sustains these new patterns because she created a system that is unique to her life and speaks to her personal journey.

Blocking Yourself In The principal element of your game

is how you experience the limitations provided by your Ego. Envision your Ego as a huge concrete truck. The more your mind churns the more concrete your Ego gets to make. This concrete is formed into cinder blocks of fear, physical pain, judg- ments, worry, financial limitation, relation- ship problems, etc. You feel heavier and heavier, weight-

ed down by the tons and tons of concrete your Ego spews into your energy field. The blocks stack up all around you; walling you in until all you can see are looming limitations.

Discovering Your Magic Key However, as spiritual beings having a

concurrent physical experience you have all the gifts of your Higher Self available to you; if you know how tap into them. You have instant access to the most power- ful magic know to humans – the magic of perspective.

Perspective is the key that opens your Magic Door.

Imagine going through your Magic Door and discovering a ladder that stretches between you and your Higher Self. The higher you climb that ladder the more open and lighter you become. From the bottom rung you can only see things from a perspective of fear and judgment. As you ascend you gain a wider view of allowing and acceptance. As you rise even higher you are able to look at yourself, your world and everyone in it through the lens of loving-kindness.

Climbing Your Ladder of Lightenment Your climb gets you in closer com- munion with your Higher Self while leav- ing behind your Ego’s cinder blocks. The more concrete you slough off the lighter your being shines.

APRIL 2021 11

This lightness allows patterns of infor-

mation to flow from your Higher Self into your physical experience. Your senses buzz with energy, your intuition chatters away like your new best friend and your mind becomes a crystal clear pool. Pebbles of possibilities drop into your existence and carry with them the manifestations of your desires. Serenity is infused in the air and you breathe it in with every breath. How do you find this ladder? That’s the really fun part. The rungs are hidden in the concrete blocks! There are many ways of accessing these rungs as everyone is unique, but once you understand the language you can command your life with something as simple as “Open Sesame”.

Uncovering Your Portal to Your Higher Self

Holistic Life Coaching with Energy

Therapy is a portal to your own Higher Self. Through this portal you retrieve ex- clusive information; your own magic code left behind by You when you jumped into this game of Time/Space. We co-create your ladder, allowing you full access to your Intuition, Inner Wisdom, Self-Heal- ing, and all the other magical gifts just waiting for you to re-member them.

Donna Burick, BCC

So if you feel walled off by the con-

crete by-products of your Ego and you want to begin your ascent toward a lighter, happier perspective then take that first step. Decide to reach out right now and grab onto the helping hand that is being extended and begin the most amazing journey of your life.

Desire a results-oriented holistic solution? Do you yearn to: Create more balance in your life; Stop feeling so exhausted; Un- cover your life’s passion; Attain clarity about what’s next for you; Revive your relationships; Craft a deeper spiritual con- nection; Access a place of health & hap- piness? Call for your free 15-minute con- sultation and discover a different ap- proach. 336-540-0088. FaceTime and Zoom appointments available. Offices in Greensboro. Visit See ad page 21.

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