FEATURE AAC announces safety award winners county judges.

Counties that met three main safety requirements received the annual awards. Te counties scored at least 75 percent on the AAC’s safety survey, had a loss ratio of less than 50 percent, and had not been in the Arkansas Workers’ Com- pensation Commission Rule 32 Hazard Program currently or


he Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC) recently awarded its annual safety awards to 31 counties. Because the AAC’s summer conference was canceled, the awards were mailed to the

within the past two years. Counties receiving 2020 AAC safety awards were: Baxter, Bradley, Chicot, Clark, Clay, Cleveland, Columbia, Conway, Crawford, Drew, Franklin, Garland, Greene, Hot Spring, Howard, Independence, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Miller, Ouachita, Pike, Poinsett, Polk, Randolph, Sebastian, Sevier, Sharp, Washington, White and Yell. In addition, two counties received a certificate for no

Workers’ Compensation claims in 2019. Tey were Chicot and Conway counties.

Workers’ Compensation board approves discount

has annually approved a 5 percent front-end discount on the Workers’ Compensation Rates. However, the trustees did not approve the 5 percent discount this year. Rather, they ap- proved a decrease in overall rates by an average of 21 percent. Tat is a net decrease of 16 percent in the Workers’ Compen- sation rates for members. Te Association of Arkansas Counties Workers’ Compen-


sation Trust (AACWCT) was established in 1985 and now provides workers’ compensation coverage for all 75 Arkansas

n Tursday, Sept. 17, the AAC Workers’ Com- pensation Board of Trustees approved a very generous discount on members’ Workers’ Compensation Rates. In the past, the board

counties, as well as other county entities. Te AACWCT is governed by an elected, five-member, county-official board of trustees. Members enjoy the benefit of dividends and pre- mium discounts. All claims are handled in-house at AAC by experienced and licensed adjusters. A loss control specialist is on staff to assist with loss control and safety needs. Te trustees — Randolph Circuit Clerk Debbie Wise, Pulaski County Treasurer/Collector Debra Buckner, Conway County Judge Jimmy Hart, Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison, and Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon — are keenly aware that county budgets are lean. Te AAC applauds their efforts to re- lieve some of the financial burden on members while maintain- ing the services members have come to depend upon.

Crawford County clock tower to be restored

The hands of the clock of the historic Crawford County Courthouse have not worked for some 20 years now. However, the clock still chimed until December 2018, when it was struck by lightning. Now the bells that once chimed are being cleaned and repaired. “They’re cleaning all the parts, they’re recalibrating just to get it where it’s working properly and chiming,” Crawford County Judge Dennis Gilstrap told 5newsonline. A community member, Tonia Fry, began fundraising efforts in Fall 2019. She searched for clock smiths and crane operators who could help re- store the clock. Work was originally supposed to be finished in March 2020, but the proj- ect was postponed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. However, the proj- ect picked back up on Nov. 17, 2020 — just in time for Crawford Coumty to celebrate its 200th year.

— Photo by AAC Staff 28 COUNTY LINES, FALL 2020

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