Rep. Austin McCollum House Majority Leader

Rep. Austin McCollum, R-Benton-

ville, replaces Rep. Marcus Richmond, R-Harvey, as House Majority Leader during the 93rd General Assembly. Tis will mark his third term repre- senting District 95, which covers a por- tion of Benton County. Rep. McCollum is a graduate of the University of Tulsa and works in finance and business ana- lytics for a retail company. During the 2019 session, Rep. Mc- Collum co-sponsored HB1343 (now Act 564), which amended the law concern- ing the publication of a county’s annual appropriations ordinance, budget and fi- nancial report. Te change allows county clerks to publish those documents one time in a newspaper published in the county, and then requires them to send the documents to the AAC for publica- tion on its transparency website. During the 93rd General Assembly,

Rep. McCollum will serve on the Rev- enue and Taxation, and State Agencies and Governmental Affairs committees.

Sen. Keith Ingram Senate Minority Leader

Sen. Keith Ingram, D-West Memphis, has enjoyed a long career in public service. He was mayor of West Memphis from 1987-1994. He served two terms in the state House of Representatives — in 2009 and 2011. He was first elected to the state Senate in 2013 and served as Senate Mi- nority Leader in 2017 and 2019. Ingram represents Senate District 24, which includes Crittenden County and parts of Cross, Lee, Phillips, and St. Francis counties. During the 92nd Gen- eral Assembly, his legislative priorities included stronger ethics and campaign finance laws. He served on the task force that developed a package of income tax reductions and bills to make the Arkan- sas tax system more competitive and more fair. During the 93rd General Assembly, he

will serve on the Revenue and Taxation, Insurance and Commerce, Efficiency, Joint Retirement and Social Security, and Joint Budget committees.

2021 Regular Session Dates and Deadlines

Jan. 11 — Legislature convenes

*Jan. 25 — Deadline to file retirement legislation and certain health care legislation Feb. 10 — Deadline to file constitutional amendments *March 1 — Deadline to file appropriation bills *Deadline may be extended


Rep. Tippi McCullough House Minority Leader

Rep. Tipppi McCullough, D-Little

Rock, will enter her second term in the House when the body convenes in January. She replaces former Rep. Charles Blake, D-Little Rock, as House Minority Leader. She is an educator who received an associate’s degree in physical education from Garland County Community College, a bachelor’s degree in physical education and English from Ouachita Baptist University, and master’s in Eng- lish from Henderson State University. As such, many of the bills she spon-

sored or co-sponsored during the 2019 legislative session focused on education related issues.

Tus far for the 93rd General Assem-

bly, she has signed on as co-sponsor of a bill that would enhance penalties for crimes deemed hate crimes. During the 2021 Legislative Session,

Rep. McCullough will serve on the House Judiciary, and City County and Local Affairs committes.

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