SALTO selected to provide access control for Cornell Quarter development

Teeside University’s new Cornell Quarter development which is planned to open to students in October. Part of the University’s campus master


plan which will see £300 million invested in the campus up to 2026, the £21.4 million Cornell Quarter is a new 300-bedroom residential complex arranged across 48 cluster apartments. Each of these comes complete with communal facilities and a proportion of rooms are designed for students with special mobility needs.

he continual growth of the UK’s student accommodation sector has seen SALTO chosen to secure

Wates Construction was appointed to

build the new development and went with SALTO for its great product range and market leading reputation in the higher education sector. SALTO has now completed installation of 350 doors in Cornell Quarter using its XS4 One handle sets. Smart, secure, innovative and easy to install, the XS4 electronic escutcheon needs no hard wiring and provides a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features. It is specially designed to fit on most standard doors, and work with the majority of Scandinavian, European and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches. Security measures in universities as well as

colleges and schools need to be robust and effective but unobtrusive. Parents need to trust educational institutions to look after their children, so it is vital that they provide effective 24/7 security and ensure both students and staff are safe and protected at all times. This is especially true in a campus housing environment, where many of the students are living away from home for the first time. Building entrances, classrooms, lecture

rooms, libraries, laboratories, staff rooms, sports centres, student housing and more can all be protected by smart access control that allows access to specific rooms or areas for selected periods only, with doors auto locking

at pre-specified times as necessary. And, if required, they can also incorporate special features such as SALTO AMOK electronic escutcheons that enable classrooms and facilities to be quickly locked down during a security or other emergency event.

XS4 ONE ACCESS CONTROL FEATURES USERS & DOORS - Maximum number of users per door: 4 million. Maximum number of doors per system: 65,000. Access levels: unlimited. KEYLESS & MOBILE ACCESS - Users can open doors with convenient and flexible credentials; by smartphone, PIN number, or smart keycard. SMART ACCESS - No costs for lock replacement from lost keys. Saves valuable time and resources across the organization.

Jack Cowburn, Account Manager at

SALTO says “Good security for student accommodation is paramount. So having SALTO access control installed as one of the security measures at the university will help them maintain a safe, secure environment for students staff and the university community alike.”

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