NEWS\\\ CMA CGM Jacques Saadé: world’s 1st 23,000 TEU containership powered by LNG

The CMA CGM Jacques Saadé has joined CMA CGM Group’s fleet thus becoming the largest LNG-powered container ship in the world. A global leader in shipping and logistics, CMA CGM has made the symbolic choice of naming its new flagship after its founder, Jacques Saadé, a visionary and entrepreneur. The joining of the fleet

of the CMA CGM Jacques Saadé was marked by a first- of-its-kind digital naming ceremony that saw the shipyard’s representatives in Shanghai and CMA CGM Group’s

management in Marseille share an emotional

landmark moment in their common history. Blessed by father Francis Fang, the vessel was then officially named by her Godmother, Tanya Saadé Zeenny, who wished the ship, the captain and its crew the best of luck on their future voyages with the traditional words “May God bless this ship and all who will sail on her”. In November 2017,

Rodolphe Saadé, CMA CGM Group’s Chairman/CEO, decided to equip this series of container ships with LNG- powered engines – a first in the history of shipping for Ultra Large Container Vessels. The CMA CGM Group has thereby

proven its commitment towards driving forward maritime transport’s energy transition. Today, LNG is the most

advanced solution when it comes to preserving air quality. It enables a 99% reduction in sulfur dioxide

and fine particle emissions, and an 85% reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions, going well above and beyond existing regulation. LNG emits up to 20% less CO2 compared to fuel motorization. This technology is one of the first step towards achieving CMA

Issue 7 2020 - FBJNA

CGM Group’s ambitious 2050 objective of carbon neutrality. These nine vessels are

packed with innovations, the result of a long cooperation between CMA CGM’s research and

development experts

and industrial partners. In addition to LNG motorization, the vessels offer advanced technologies: The cockpit boasts the latest embedded digital technologies to assist the commander and

crew, in

5 particular for port

manoeuvres; They feature a redesigned straight bow with an integrated bulb, a redesigned rudder, and a redesigned propeller all of which substantially improve the vessels hydrodynamics, thereby reducing energy consumption. These 9 vessels bear a

specific “LNG Powered” label that will be recognizable on all seas across the globe.

Delta Cargo Launches API connection

Delta Cargo recently launched its free Application Program Interface (API). This means that cargo customers can now connect their own operating platforms directly to Delta Cargo using the API. This connective technology enables customers to seamlessly send and receive real-time requests directly to Delta

from their

own system. This means they can now easily shop, book and track their shipments from their own platforms. “API is all about real-time

connectivity so externalizing our shopping, booking and tracking APIs for customers is just another way that we are making it easier to do business with us,” said Shawn Cole, Delta Cargo - Vice President. “We realized that some customers prefer to use their own systems and don’t want to log into a separate website to get rates and availability. Now they have fast direct access to the information they need when shipping with Delta Cargo.”

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