Tanker FURE VEN becomes 1st foreign flagged vessel to Bunker LNG at a US Port

FURE VEN, a dual-fueled vessel owned and operated by Furetank of Donsö, Sweden, a global leader in the development of efficient and environmentally friendly product & chemical tankers, has become the first non-U.S. flagged vessel to bunker LNG in the United States. Eagle LNG Partners, a pioneer in small- scale LNG and an LNG bunker supplier, is the first company to deliver LNG bunker fuel to a foreign flagged vessel. This milestone paves the for more

way international

trading vessels to bunker at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), marking the latest tangible demonstration of LNG as a safe and reliable fuel solution. It also builds

Sweden. “As a pioneer in LNG

The FURE VEN docks at JAXPORT. (JAXPORT photo.)

confidence in the case for LNG to help the shipping industry meet increasingly stringent environmental


while still generating substantial cost savings. On Sept. 1, 2020, the 18,000

DWT vessel transited the St. Johns River, calling at JAXPORT’s Talleyrand Marine Terminal, which serves Crowley

Maritime Corporation. Eagle LNG Partners safely transferred 225 metric tonnes of LNG to the vessel from their on-site storage facility, with the bunkering evolution taking less than seven hours to complete. The tanker was laden with renewable diesel cargo for Preem, the largest petroleum and biofuels company headquartered in

Port of Halifax receives largest containerships ever to call Canada

The Port of Halifax has been the recipient of large vessels calls as of late. On September 20, The CMA CGM Panama with its 15,072 carrying capacity and 366 meters length overall, arrived at PSA Halifax. This was the vessel’s first call at the Port of Halifax for the Ultra Class Container Vessel. CMA CGM Panama’s

16.5m, PSA Halifax is the only port in Eastern Canada that can accommodate ultra-class vessels.

This inaugural call of the CMA

CGM Brazil comes shortly aſter the arrival of Eastern Canada’s largest ship-to-shore super post- Panamax crane in July 2020, bringing the total number of SPPX cranes at PSA Halifax to

this ship soon aſter the delivery of our newest and largest crane demonstrates the benefits of our step-wise development of PSA Halifax,” said Kim Holtermand, CEO & Managing Director at PSA Halifax. “With the support of our committed workforce and staff, the Halifax Port Authority, CN, and our broad customer- base and stakeholders, the call is testament of PSA Halifax’s ambition, opportunity and the great resolve within this Port to be alongside creating lasting and sustainable growth.” The CMA CGM Group, a world

The CMA CGM Brazil calls at Canada’s Port of Halifax. (Port of Halifax photo)

inaugural call followed that sister vessel, the CMA CGM Brazil on September 10. The

Panama and Brazil are the largest containerized cargo vessels to call at a Canadian port. The CMA CGM Brazil sails

on the weekly Columbus JAX service, from South Asia to the East Coast of America. With a terminal area of 32 ha, a quay length of 1,045m and a depth of

five. The Halifax Port Authority is

in the final stage of completion of a deep-water berth extension which will bring the total quay length to 800 meters to meet the growing deployment of Ultra Class Container Vessels. “It is a great honor to welcome

CMA CGM Brazil, the largest container ship of all-time at any Canadian port. The arrival of

leader in shipping and logistics, is the only company offering a direct service between Halifax and South Asia. It is also the only carrier offering shipping services from Canada’s five largest ports, which translated to more than 450 calls and approximately 500,000 TEUs in 2019.

CMA CGM Canada General

Manager Thiago Campos stated, “At CMA CGM, we are very pleased to be part of this momentous occasion. The investments made by PSA Halifax and the Halifax Port Authority have made it possible for us to increase capacity and thus better serve our customers’ growing needs, especially for temperature-controlled cargo

bunkering and a global leader in small-scale LNG, the team at Eagle LNG is proud to have partnered with the trailblazers at Furetank and GAC, along with numerous crucial stakeholders including JAXPORT, Crowley Maritime and the U.S. Coast Guard,

to safely accomplish

this first-ever LNG bunkering of a foreign flagged tanker in the United States,” said Sean Lalani, President of Eagle LNG. “It is only fitting that this first bunkering in the United States happen in Jacksonville where JAXPORT, local officials and the community have embraced the shipping industry’s transition to the more sustainable, affordable LNG.”

transportation. Bigger ships represent the movement of more goods, which translates to growth and prosperity for Canada’s economy. The maiden call of the CMA CGM Brazil is a testimony of our company’s commitment to supporting that growth and the people of this great nation.” “With our partners, we have

been preparing for the arrival of increasingly larger vessels and this is a very significant day for everyone involved,” said Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority.

Issue 7 2020 - FBJNA

Drewry Throughput Indices Indicates Optimism


Drewry Shipping Consultants Limited, in its latest assessment presented in its September 2020 Drewry Container Throughput Indices report, found that in July 2020, the global container port throughput index bounced back strongly, crossing 130 points for the first time in 2020. Despite the rise of more than

six points compared to June 2020, Drewry found port throughput still 4.2 points lower than in July 2019. As the global economy starts to recover from the first wave of COVID-19, however, experts at Drewry report: “We are starting to see clear signs of demand improving.” Among its key findings: The

North America throughput index witnessed the largest monthly growth among all regions, moving up 17 points (13.9%) in July. However, it was still eight points lower than in July 2019. The top three ports (Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York) witnessed huge monthly growth in July, and contributed close to 44% of the growth across our 32-port sample. China container port

throughput index surpassed the key milestone of 150 points in July 2020. “No other region has ever reached this level,” Drewry consultants say. The index level of 151 points reached in July was 7.5 points (5.2%) higher than in June 2020, and 4.2% higher than in July 2019. Drewry attributes this growth

SC Ports awarded $21.68 million BUILD grant

South Carolina Ports Authority was awarded a $21.68 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to assist with building infrastructure at the Ridgeville Commerce Park. The funding comes from

the DOT’s Fiscal Year 20 Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development (BUILD) grants. The Trump Administrated awarded $1 billion in BUILD grants to repair, rebuild, and revitalize transportation systems in the U.S. SC Ports’ BUILD grant will be

used for the both on-site and off- site improvements to the port- owned Ridgeville Commerce Park. This work is vital to the future development of Walmart’s

3-million square foot import

distribution center – set to break ground in March — as well as for future site tenants. On-site improvements include

building a two-mile industrial access road, as well as a 20- acre truck chassis and empty container storage yard. Off-site improvements include widening S.C. Highway 27 to provide improved access and traffic fluidity between the project site and Interstate 26. Walmart is the first tenant in

the Ridgeville Commerce Park. The global retailer plans to build a

direct center import to supply

distribution several

regional distribution centers, supporting


to the domestic traffic expansion (top 10 ports

grew 14.8% in

domestic traffic) plus foreign laden container traffic as China’s exports inflated 7.2% in July. In Asia (except China), the

index increased by 3% (3.5 points) in July but was still more than 10 points (7.8%) down as over in July 2019. While trade across the region is recovering, the demand revival has been sluggish when compared with China. Europe’s index recovered by

4.8% (5.2 points) and reached to 112.7 points in July but was still lower by almost 13 points (10.2%) on an annual basis. “The increasing likelihood of a full- blown second wave of the virus across the region does not bode well for a sustained recovery in port volumes,” Drewry says. Africa’s port throughput

index dropped slightly to 89.6 points (0.9%) month-on-month and was 16.5% lower compared with the same period last year. The index for Africa is however based on a small sample, heavily weighted to South Africa which was in recession even before the pandemic struck. The Drewry Container Port

Throughput Indices are a series of volume growth/decline indices based on monthly throughput data for a sample of over 220 ports worldwide, representing over 75% of global volumes. The base point for the indices is January 2012 = 100.

850 Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs

across South


and beyond. Walmart’s $220 million investment in Dorchester County will create 1,000 full-time jobs and boost port volumes by 5%. “The importance of this $21.68

million BUILD grant cannot be overstated,” SC Ports President and CEO Jim Newsome said. “These improvements are crucial to the development of Walmart’s new distribution center in Dorchester County. Walmart is known for its supply chain innovation and performance and having this world-class company here is the ultimate vote of confidence in SC Ports and in South Carolina. We are grateful to all our partners who worked so hard to secure this vital funding in support of this project, as well as for future growth at the site.”

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