rage recommends

by bill biss

SPELL MY NAME Toni Braxton Toni Braxton’s fine voice shines like black

velvet on her just released album titled Spell My Name. The recordings are distinctive, musically arranged to perfection. Braxton is tough, tender and spirited as only she can be. A couple of songs truly raise the bar. First there is “Gotta Move On” with H.E.R. This one starts out with beautiful strings and Braxton starts slowly and builds emotionally stronger with a jam of electric guitar in the center of the song. Look here … every track excels but “Saturday Night” sparks with intensity as she emotes in a way that only love can invoke. Oh, and Missy Elliott pops in on “Do It,” and you can’t miss that. Braxton will school the listener on life and love with her own pure grooves. Available Now


David Bowie Bonjour, David Bowie! Bowie was rocking it like it was 1999 … that is, because it was.

This newly released live concert titled Something in the Air sparks musical fireworks. Viva La Bowie as this concert took place at Élysée Montmartre in Paris, France on October 14 of that year. It was the same day that Bowie was awarded France’s highest honor of the arts. Fifteen selections make up the set list for his concert. Bowie decided to reflect on his past success with songs such as “Life on Mars?” “Can’t Help Thinking About Me” and “Drive-In Saturday” while also debuting his latest album Hours with the song titled “Something in the Air,” which he performed live for the first time. Out of the archives is a rare musical treat from this truly iconic performer who has captivated several generations with his talent. Now, what song does he close the memorable evening of songs with? How did you guess? “Rebel Rebel” as his music and voice will always be innovative and rebellious. Available Now


Little Richard Are you for real? Little Richard brought back the “Lucille” in real time with The Rill

Thing. Recorded in 1970, the cat of the coolest in rock ‘n’ roll resounded once more in a music career that harkens back with brilliant intensity since 1954 … at least. This guy is on fire with the gospel and the groove. Just don’t attempt that hair at home. It is funk, soul and rock ‘n’ roll with Richard’s distinctive and dynamic voice. It’s a rarified privilege to listen to The Rill Thing and think of the times when Little Richard came to town. So, let’s go back to the “Dew Drop Inn” and drop in as Little Richard is so fine and always will be. This guy can’t help it … as Little Richard always knew how to jam in his own inimitable way. Available September 18

24 | September 2020

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