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continued from page 19 5. PETER PAN R.L. Allman’s Peter Pan, the first completed episode of director/

writer Ronnie Allman’s nine-part fantasy limited series that resets J.M. Barrie’s enduring tale in a gritty, alternative timeline San Francisco, will make its Southern California premiere at the prestigious Dances With Films festival, unspooling Saturday and Sunday, September 5 and 6 online in Los Angeles and worldwide. While characterized as “dark, character-driven and deeply relevant,” Allman reimagined this first episode of the “classic fable with a blend of thrills and neon-noir,” and what would have appeared wildly dystopic only months ago has become spot-on and cultur- ally relevant in portraying today’s world: replete with runaway gentrification, greed, sex, drugs, drag, race and class struggle, societal upheaval, and a custom motorcycle called Shadow. Allman says, “with a dark, whimsical (!) twist, we retell the story

of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. In the first episode of this live-action near-future version, we introduce Peter before his conflict with Hooke and take you on a wild ride around the gritty city of Neverland. You will meet the Lost Boys, Peter’s street gang, and this new timeline’s version of many of your favorite Neverland characters, including a totally re-imagined Tinker Bell.”

The series stars Wynton Odd (Peter Pan); Rex Wheeler (Tinker

Bell); Cameron James Matthews (Tootles); Emily Hu (Tiger Lily); and Jenn Tripp (C.J. Hooke). The first episode is completed; Episodes 2 through 9 are in development. Allman stresses Peter Pan was a collaborative effort: “Making

Peter Pan brought out the true artist in the 80 cast and crew members that worked on it. We worked all-nighters in the streets of San Francisco to show the city in a new light like no one has ever seen. A lot of care went into the details of this story, to not only pay respect to a classic, but also to pave the way for a new chapter in the storytelling.” Chapter 1 of R.L. Allman’s Peter Pan is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.


OF DONALD TRUMP Is Donald Trump fit to hold the office of President of the United States? #UNFIT presents an eye-opening analysis of the behavior, psyche, condition and stability of Donald Trump. It takes a sociological look at the electorate that chose him, and the collective effect he is having on our culture and institutions. During the 2016 campaign, mental health professionals felt policy-bound from speaking publicly. Now, after years of observation, for the first time ever, they have decided enough is enough. The new documentary also features the shocking, first, on-camera interview with George Conway that “will roil the West Wing of the White House.” #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump is available

Tuesday, September 1 on all digital/streaming and cable VOD platforms.

22 | September 2020

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