Register for October Webinars Attend ASCA’s two webinars this month: “Meaningful Performance Improvement Projects” on October 11 and “Physician Credentialing in Your ASC” on October 25. Both webinars begin at 1:00 pm ET. In the first program, Jan Allison,

RN, director of accreditation and sur- vey readiness at Surgical Care Affili- ates, will discuss objective measures and quality indicators that you can track in your ASC to create meaning- ful performance improvement projects that lead to lasting improvements. In the second webinar, Cindy Young,

RN, CASC, ASCA Board member and administrator of the Surgery Center of Farmington, will examine the steps you need to take to manage a comprehen- sive credentialing program. Nursing contact hours and AEUs for both webinars.

will be offered

Multiple members of your staff can attend the live event at no additional cost using the same online connection. Recordings of both webinars will be available for purchase and viewing at your convenience. Register online at www.asc

Earn CE Credits for Less than $3 Each ASCA’s Regulatory Training Series is a convenient, low-cost way to earn continuing education (CE) credits year-round without having to travel. ASCA has partnered with Health- Stream to offer a collection of courses that apply specifically to ASCs and can be used to train ASC staff on current regulatory requirements and standards of patient care. A number of the inter- active courses provide CE credit. The series can help your ASC ori-

ent new staff, meet regulatory and accreditation standards, assess compe- tency, engage all of its team members in improving your ASC’s quality of care and achieve top outcomes in clini- cal and business operations.


Series to purchase the ASCA Regulatory Training Series or schedule a demo. The courses accommodate various learn- ing styles and feature easy navigation between and within modules. Online sign-up is now available for ASCs regis- tering 50 users or less.

Names in the News

Do you have a new hire? Did your company win an award? Or did your management change? You can highlight all your company announcements in the Names in the News section of ASC Focus’ web site. This resource is available for free to both ASCA members and nonmembers.

ASCA members will need to be logged in and nonmembers will need to create a “Nonmember Guest Account” to access this free resource.

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Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Tool Available Free to ASCA Members Even if your ASC already has a Health Insurance Portability and Accountabil- ity Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance plan in place, you can use ASCA’s new HIPAA Workbook for ASCs to help ensure that your plan meets all of the requirements and update any policies that might be out of date. ASCs with- out a compliance plan will find every- thing they need to design and imple- ment a comprehensive program. This detailed workbook is designed

specifically for use within ASCs and provides an in-depth review of the HIPAA requirements. Easy-to-use, customizable

forms and worksheets

are included, making this workbook the ideal tool for designing, evaluating and strengthening your ASC’s HIPAA compliance program. For now, ASCA members can down- load their copy of the HIPAA Work- book for ASCs for free at www.asc Nonmembers can purchase a copy for $399.


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