The plough had some repairs done by C.S. Tractors prior to the marathon as it needed some new points. These were manufactured by Eric Mitchell at C.S. Tractors and the plough had been put through its paces in February by Sandy Brockie to get the rusty boards brightened up and see what it needed in way of any other repairs after sitting around for so many years. The plough was not ploughing constant and after a lot of head scratching, it was discovered that the drawbar was worn excessively. This was rectified by taking one from another plough, but time was running out quickly which meant that the first real test was the big weekend.

Midday came and the marathon had begun. It was agreed that the tractor would plough for eight hours and then get a quick grease up, fuel fill and check over. This was also a perfect moment for Dougie to grab a quick coffee and snack to keep him going. This was done every eight hours, and the tractor never missed a beat. The weather during the night was windy and cool but with the support of the team and good friend Dennis Hampton who decided to ride with Dougie all night to keep him awake.

Everything was going great over the weekend, and there were lots of spectators over the two days. The Sunday came and midday was moving ever closer. The live charity auction was almost ready, which was being hosted by Graham Burke of Pentland Auctions.

The time had come and as midday approached almost everyone at the event made their way to Dougie`s plot. As he made his way round the far end headland, the heavens opened but this did not deter anyone. As he made his way along the final run he was met by tears of joy and happiness as everyone cheered and clapped to see him complete his father`s dream. As emotions ran high from family, friends and the team members, Dougie finished his marathon and stepped off the Fordson to crowds of people who congratulated him and the team on their success.

The following few hours saw the live charity auction take place which raised a staggering £4600 from items donated by businesses and individuals. Ranging from caps to Agricultural factory tours, there was a wide selection of items which made the auction very interesting. Pete also set up a JustGiving page which anyone could donate to, and this has raised over £2000 to date and will continue to stay live until the end of May. With almost all the money in now, the team can announce that they have raised almost £16,000 for Parkinson`s Scotland and the official presentation will take place in the not too distant future. Raising money for a charity was a dream that became a reality for Dougie, and with the help from a few good friends they managed to raise a large amount of money and awareness for Parkinson`s Scotland.

The team, Dougie McNicoll, Pete Burdass, Greg Wilkinson and Gordon Nicholson would like to extend their sincere thanks to each and everyone who came along for the weekend, donated or sponsored in some way. The Charity Ploughing Marathon in Aid of Parkinson`s Scotland would not have happened without the support from everyone.

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