various parts, to utilize an old 1200ltr diesel tank that was lying as scrap outside their workshop, and after a lot of cutting, welding and forming, a pair of rear wings and foot plates were crafted over the following weeks. The tractor got an oil change next, with a little bit more tidying up and she was ready….not the prettiest, but she was ready for a road run which was almost a year after coming home and after a few laughs and jokes, both Dougie and his dad decided to take the Fordson out on its first outing.

The first road run out was the Scottish Vintage Tractor and Engine Clubs one at Balboughty Farm, and the Fordson ran on full throttle for the whole day. It was a good day out with plenty of people turning out. The day was full of excitement as George Mutch was very shocked at one stage of the run when Douglas overtook him. After this, the tractor was repainted and used for ploughing matches and proved to be a success. The tractor never skipped a beat each time it was out ploughing and in 2013 and 2014 Douglas started winning the matches with the setup. During this time, it was the classic reversible class that Dougie was competing in and was doing pretty well too.

All this continued for the next three or four years until Douglas became unwell and was later diagnosed with Parkinson`s disease, and so all the ploughing matches for the pair had to grind to a halt. During this time, doing something for a charity was still being spoken about between the two, and a 24-hour ploughing marathon was still something that was at the forefront of their thoughts. Unfortunately, the dream was not to be for Douglas, who passed away on October 30th, 2018 from Parkinson`s and for a few months all the tractors were put in the shed and forgotten about.

The following year, and after some careful consideration the tractors were dug out the workshop and Dougie started back at the ploughing matches. The first one was the SVTEC club match and Dougie discovered that the buzz was still ther. He began to enjoy going again and meeting Pete Burdass from FiveK Photography for the first time led to the start of a great friendship. Having his photo taken by Pete for the first time, in the style that he is well known and recognized for was great;

it gave Dougie the push he needed to go to the matches and get back to his own and his father`s passion.

It was late 2019 when Greg Wilkinson was visiting Dougie one weekend and having a mutual interest in Fordson tractors Dougie mentioned the idea of doing a 24-hour marathon. The reason behind doing it with the tractor now was not only because it was the last tractor both Dougie and his late father worked on together, but it was a dream that never happened. Going away that evening and after a few days of thinking, Greg phoned Dougie about the discussion of the possibility of carrying out this once in a lifetime event. This was a massive task to undertake and after a lengthy phone call the seed was sown. Dougie spoke to a good friend, Gordon Nicholson at Welton Farm, Blairgowrie the next day and it was agreed that Gordon could release just over 100 acres in the spring of 2020 after the sheep had finished their grazing of catch crops.

Having sourced ground in Perthshire was great, and Dougie then approached Pete again to assist with the social media part, and with the designing of posters and banners for the event. He produced general themed posters and banners which was funded by local businesses and agricultural

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