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Our biggest challenge just got gazumped

Climate change is probably the single greatest challenge facing humanity. Or at least it was, until the grim spectre of COVID-19 arose from Wuhan in China and suddenly threw the world into turmoil. Te tech sector, though, has in many ways been at the forefront of the response. Where other sectors have been decimated – most notably in the leisure, hospitality and events markets – technology companies have simply turned on the taps, with many platforms - particularly office communications tools - showing huge spikes in traffic and demand. Naturally, digital infrastructure is a bit creaky as

unprecedented numbers went from the daily commute to a lockdown, and trying to figure out how to work Microsoft Teams. Day three, and we’re still using old- fashioned Skype, but I’m sure we’ll get there. Netflix is

streaming in low-res – which is pretty obvious from the pixel count – and something odd keeps throwing me off WhatsApp calls; it has to be the bandwidth, right? Putting this issue to bed, though, and it’s been

truly impressive the way a global crisis has brought people together. Collaboration is so oft-repeated it feels like a bit of a jaded word, and sometimes out of kilter with real, lived experience. But communities of digital innovators in Scotland and around the world are coming together to work out a way through this. Perhaps it’s inevitable that when our survival instincts are tested, the natural inclination is to cooperate for the greater good. If only we could be so constructive when it comes to saving the planet from ourselves. Once we’re through COVID-19, let’s see if we can continue this enforced environmentalism with renewed vigour. l

“Tis is all about how we can embed

innovation in real-life practice in the region”

Jarmo Eskelinen, Executive Director, Data-Driven Innovation Initiative, University of Edinburgh


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