Most respondents find the benefits of cloud compelling enough to outweigh any downsides

Five steps to digital transformation using cloud

update to your IT processes and is now fundamental to staying competitive in an increasingly agile market that demands improved business agility and fast access to innovative digital services and platforms.

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UPSKILL The cloud requires

new skills and appreciation of diverse platforms (a quarter of respondents highlighted a lack of digital skills in their organisation as slowing down their migration).

ment launched a new national agreement for the provision of cloud services. With a forecast value of £30 million, it is open to all Scottish public-sector or- ganisations (including the third sector). One of the first major initia-

tives to be launched by the Scottish Government to support a new national digital public services strategy was the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), set up in the wake of the McClelland Review, which found the coun- try’s public sector was lagging behind of the use in technology. SWAN now connects over half

of Scotland’s public sector to more than 6,000 sites, includ- ing hospitals, schools and local councils and is linked up to the main data centres, including those involved in the Scottish Government’s cloud framework.

Jim Crawford, Capita’s regional director for SWAN, said the net-

work gives organisations better options when considering their digital transformation. He said: “Tere’s a digital

marketplace that’s really pushing organisations towards cloud and it’s important for us to be on the journey with them. Either com- panies are in the cloud, they’ve committed to cloud or they’re a hybrid of some sorts. We’ve aimed to be one step ahead in terms of connectivity so we can help them on that journey. “What we’ve found is that

when we explain what we’re do- ing, and the cloud connect service that we’ve got in place as part of the SWAN network actually allows them to make a decision on where they want to go easily. Tey don’t need to be constrained by one particular route – there are options open to them.” l

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your cloud strategy and adoption plan has to be a joint vision from across IT and the wider business in order for it to succeed.


COLLABORATE The process for defining

VISION Cloud is more than an

is also critical, to mitigate risks, in terms of compliance, costs and security, before the migration process starts and also needs to be managed on a continuous basis.


being encouraged to adopt an ‘innovation mindset’ when thinking about cloud, increasing productivity with deeper digital transformation, automation and continuous business evolution.


INNOVATE Organisations are

GOVERNANCE Good cloud governance

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