it may finally be getting through to people that everyone doesn’t just need to be not just ‘more’ responsible but think about the people that they want to protect. Many disabled people will be self-isolating right

now. The reality is that the many disabled people already self-isolate to a greater or lesser extent. The inaccessibility of the world (trains, buses, buildings), as much as it might be getting better, still means that disabled people have to think very differently about much of what they do every day. There are some really important points that come from this. When disabled people ask for flexible working, they can be told that it is too difficult, or the technology doesn’t work. But it seems that now we are all supposed to be working from home policies suddenly seem to change and it seems a little easier to try and aim for it. One of the things that I hope comes out of this is a different way of working and a different way of looking after each other. I had already been switching over the past year to not having so many face to face meetings and using technology instead. Certainly, when you have met someone previously, a video call works pretty well. Not only does it save time bringing people in and out of meetings, but I have found all my meetings to

be a bit swifter as well and I have more time to do even more emails. It might seem a long way off at the moment but

there is now a debate about what is going to happen to the Olympics and Paralympics. In terms of sport, I am firmly in the Jurgen Klopp camp. He talked about football, but I mean it in a wider sporting context. Klopp said that ‘football always seems the most important of the least important things’. The Games normally provide a moment for people to come together and watch some sports that they only watch every four years. Some of the athletes who are aiming to compete in Japan would fit in to the category of being vulnerable. Athletes spend years training and for many they will only go to one Games and, to be fair to everyone, they need to know sooner rather than later what the plan is. Something which no one is really talking about is the fact that most of the qualification events leading up the Games have been cancelled, which means that the opportunity to even get to Games is further changed. There are many more things to worry about

than sport right now. What is more important is that people stay well and stay out of each other’s way to make sure we get through it.

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