FAQs from the Motability Scheme regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) T

HE LATEST Government announcements will have a major impact on the Scheme, with many dealerships now closing. This means that we do

not expect dealers to process any further orders, or manage handovers, or car returns. With the uncertainty that this is creating for many of

us, we wanted to reassure you that we will support you where possible to help you remain mobile during this time. Our teams have now relocated to enable remote working, but like many organisations, we are working with fewer numbers of colleagues, so would ask for your support if we are unable to come back to you as soon as usual. Below we have answered our current most frequently

asked questions.

My lease expires in the next three months, what will happen if I can’t place an application for a new car? As a valued customer, we know you are going through

a time of great uncertainty and worry. Keeping you mobile is our utmost priority. Following the Government’s latest announcement instructing the closure of dealerships, we will automatically apply a six month lease extension to customers who are approaching the end of their lease. There is no need to contact us, as we will automatically extend your lease and you will also automatically receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or a temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) covering this six-month period. We would hope that at some point we may be in a position to shorten this six-month extension, and will be in contact if we are able to do so.

I have placed an application; will the handover of my car go ahead? Following the Government’s latest announcement, the network of dealerships who help to supply the Scheme has now been forced to closed. If you are currently already a customer with a car on the Scheme your lease will automatically be extended for a further six months and you will also automatically receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or a temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) covering this six-month period. If Government advice changes and your dealership re- opens earlier than this, then you can contact your dealer at this time to arrange an earlier handover. If you are not currently a customer on the Scheme and are waiting for your first car to be delivered, unfortunately this will now be delayed until the dealerships that supply the Scheme are able to open again. We appreciate that this might be difficult for you, however we are not able to hand over any new cars at this time. Unfortunately, we are not able to arrange for any cars to be delivered either.

I was in the process of choosing my first car on the Scheme but had not yet placed an application, can I still go ahead? Unfortunately, due to the Government advice, we are unable to take applications for a new car at this time. We


hope that you are able to stay mobile using your existing method of transport during this time and hope that we can welcome you as a customer later in the year.

I do not want to place a renewal application; how do I hand my car back? If you plan to leave the Scheme at the end of your

lease, contact us on 0300 456 4566 so we can discuss arrangements.

What will happen with my Good Condition Bonus? We are planning to pay the Good Condition Bonus on

the original lease end date for your car. However, please bear with us as we work to make this process possible remotely. This may mean that your cheque may take a little longer than it otherwise would. Please do not contact us, unless it is at least two months after your Good Condition Bonus was due and you have still not received your cheque. What will happen with Advance Payments? If you have already placed an application the price you

agreed with your dealer will be the price you pay when the car is able to be delivered. We will publish our new prices for April to June 2020 on 1 April 2020 as normal to allow you to browse our website, you will not however be able to place an application for any new car until the Government restrictions have been relaxed.

My usual driver is not able to drive me at the moment, can I add a new driver? Your lease includes insurance for up to three named

drivers, these can be family, friends or carers. If you urgently need to add a new driver, please call RSAM on 0300 037 3737. The driver you wish to add will need to be with you when you call, so RSAM can check their details and add them to the insurance straight away.

Are your partner services open to help if I need them? The RAC are on hand to help if you have a breakdown

and need emergency help. Please call 0800 73 111 73 Our insurance partner RSA Motability are working

remotely to help with any urgent insurance queries. Please call 0300 037 3737 Many Kwik Fit centre remain open; they also offer a

mobile service. Call the Tyreline on 0330 123 1531 or for mobile appointments 0330 123 1533

The MOT is due on my car, what should I do? The Government have announced that any MOT’s due to expire after Monday 30 March will have an automatic six- month extension, so once your dealership has reopened, they will contact you to book this in. If your MOT is due to expire before this date, you should arrange this with your dealer if their service centre is still operating, or with Kwik Fit at one of their centres. If you are self-isolating you should book the MOT for after the period of self-isolation is over or ask a named driver to take the vehicle to be tested.

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