ITH OVER 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, accessing private and public transport is critical and doing this in a safe and easy manner is supported by one of the leading manufacturers in the sector, Faively Vapor Ricon. For one foster family based in Suffolk, the purchase of a used vehicle to provide transport for an eleven year old boy who was joining them, was essential before he was able to make the move to his new foster home. The support of the Faiveley Vapor Ricon team, who gave timely advice and supplied the restraint quickly, was imperative to ensure the boy was able to join his new family on time as without the restraint they would have been unable to transport him home safely. “We purchased our Volkswagen Caravelle complete with an S-Series Ricon lift but upon closer inspection realised that there was no restraint kit, meaning for us, the lift was initially unusable,” said Mark Scannell Foster Carer and Faiveley Ricon Customer. “A quick search on the internet led me to Faiveley Vapor Ricon and within minutes I was chatting to Michael Dickinson, sales manager, who was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful from the very beginning.”

The Restraint kit works in conjunction with the lift securing the wheelchair inside the vehicle to ensure all passengers are safe whilst the vehicle is in transit. Crash and impact tested the kit is universally compatible with most wheelchairs, lifts and vehicle types giving users flexibility when changing or upgrading vehicles. In addition to Mark’s eleven year old foster child benefitting from the new restraint kit another four year old girl who is supported through respite care with the Scannell family can now access the new vehicle with ease, simply and safety when she spends time with them each month.

“It was a pleasure to be able to assist Mark and his family with speed and confidence to ensure his latest foster child was able to take up his place in the Scanell family as scheduled,” said Michael Dickinson sales manager Faiveley Vapor Ricon. “We were also able to guide him through fitting and using the lift and restraint making life just a little easier as they embarked on a new chapter in their lives.”

Mark concluded; “Mike was unbelievably helpful, genuinely caring about our predicament rather than pursuing just another sale. From the moment we first spoke, right through to the aftercare we have received, I have been utterly impressed and as such wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike and the Faiveley Vapor Ricon team to any wheelchair user who requires vehicles aids. Quite simply, their premium service complements

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their fantastic products and will most probably help lots of other people who find themselves in unfamiliar or challenging situations just as we did.” Faiveley Vapor Ricon is proud to offer a wide range of domestic and commercial products to aid vehicular access for those with limited mobility. The company has added the Ricon Secure range of restraints to its portfolio, to complement its range of world renowned Ricon Lifts and Ramps.

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Puts you in the best position 6-way

Right Rotation Left Rotation Photo courtesy of Lewis Reed (WAV) Ltd

Introducing the 6-way Power Transfer Seat Base™

Fits your existing front vehicle seat.

Enables easy and quick transfer from wheelchair to driver or passenger seat.

Automatically swivels 90º and moves in 6 ways at the touch of a button.

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