Register for ASCA’s March Webinars In March, ASCA will offer two webi- nars: “Developing a Culture of Patient Safety” and “How to Give Your ASC the Best Financial Advantage.” During “Developing a Culture of

Patient Safety” on Tuesday, March 10, Lisa Sinsel of Surgical Care Affil- iates will discuss how to promote patient safety and enhance patients’ experiences using a case study of one organization’s journey to develop a patient safety culture program. On Tuesday, March 24, join Caryl Anne Serbin of Serbin Medical Billing for “How to Give Your ASC the Best Financial Advantage.” Her presentation will discuss how to identify warning signs of practices that might negatively affect an ASC’s revenue stream. Serbin also will review ways to correct, or all- together avoid, these pitfalls. Both webinars will take place at

1 pm ET. The price per webinar is $100 for ASCA members and $150 for non- members; both are included in ASCA’s 2020 Webinar All-Access Pass, which provides significant savings on all 17 programs in this year’s series. Learn more and register today at

Participate in ASCA’s 2020 National Advocacy Day Meet your representatives on Capitol Hill and tell them your ASC’s story. Join ASCA’s National Advocacy Day this year on Wednesday, March 25. Participants will attend three to five meetings with their representatives on Capitol Hill and tell them about the role their ASCs play in providing safe and affordable care to their communities. The day before the meetings, ASCA staff will brief participants on ASC leg- islation and provide tips on how to con- duct effective congressional meetings. ASCA needs your help to edu- cate Congress on the critical role ASCs play in American healthcare. To learn more or to get involved visit day or write Adam Parker at aparker@


Benchmark with ASCA this Year Subscribe now to ASCA’s 2020 Clini- cal & Operational Benchmarking Sur- vey and submit your first quarter (Q1) data between April 1–30. This valu- able survey allows you to compare your ASC’s clinical outcomes, staff indicators and billing performance with national and regional data. If you have not already subscribed to the 2020 survey, purchase your subscrip- tion today. ASCA members save $150 on the subscription fee. ASCAbenchmarking

Member Focus

Member Focus invites ASCA members to express their views on key ASC issues. Share your perspective with your colleagues and get to know your peers in the ASC community.

Complete a brief questionnaire at forms/focus_on_members and you could be selected for a future profile.

Go to memberspotlight to learn more.

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