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o get your sweet and fuzzy fix, let’s click the virtual remote back to Revry, where romance is a staple. They boast a catalog that includes Brazilian importSepto, a series about female athletes overcoming their upbringing to triumph at the game of love. Revry also offers heart-

warming shorts, podcasts and mood music to fuel your Valentine experience. And the future of Revry is increasingly swoon-worthy. “The Category Is is amazing,” Rodriguez said. “I can’t wait for it to premiere. But there’s already some great stuff on the platform. I’d like to bring some attention to a film calledMiss Rosewood, which is absolutely like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” In addition to programming innovative material, Revry is revolutionizing the way their content is consumed.

“ 18

been great,” he said. Great is an understatement; Revry has rapidly achieved an international reach

and a monumental impact. “It was pretty organic that we had downloads in over 100 countries,” Rodriguez said. “Seeing how other queer lives are in the rest of the world is great for our community.” Revry thinks globally, and they YAAS locally. Every year, the company presents a

West Hollywood festival called QueerX, a showcase of screenings, soirees and live performances. It has been called South by Southwest for the LGBTQ’mmunity, and it provides a vital platform for gay expression IRL. Rodriguez relishes the opportunity to be an emcee of queer vitality, finding strength in his vocation even as a cancer diagnosis snuck up on him last year.

“A bigger focus of what we’re doing is introducing the Revry Channel: the TV, old-school, 24/7, ad-supported TV broadcast channel into all these new digital landscapes,” Rodriguez said. Launching effortlessly into a tutorial of his service, he instructed, “Go to

representation, not just in the niche areas, but in the mainstream.” “I got a diagnosis. It was completely out of the blue; I was otherwise healthy as

We’re living in a really exciting time right now. A lot of people in the queer community, but particularly in the queer entertainment space, have always wanted more representation. True – we’ve been able to offer our free, linear experience, our TV broadcast, directly into the app. So, it’s unique.” Rodriguez takes pride in being singularly supportive of his contemporaries:

“We’re creating a really exciting safe space for these stories to be showcased. Because of the advances with technology and the ability for someone like us to come on the scene without the permission of the gatekeepers of the past, we’re able to do it and speak directly to the community.” And the streaming world is speaking back, embracing Revry on an intimate

level. Even viewers in restrictive areas like Saudi Arabia and China have discovered Rodriguez’s handiwork since the service debuted four years ago. “At the time, they had limited access to things like YouTube or Netflix. The reach has

RAGE monthly | February 2020

a horse. It wasn’t genetics. These things just happen. It was completely random,” he said. But the show must – and does – go on, courtesy of Rodriguez and his Revry support system. “I would go in for a chemo treatment, recuperate for two weeks and go back to work!” he declared joyously. “It wasn’t me killing myself. If anything, it was me saving myself. It really did keep me going … I got a clean bill of health in August, and in September/October all my hair started growing back, so that was nice.” Freshly coifed and fiercely driven, Rodriguez concluded: “Being a queer person

in 2020, and being raised in the ‘90s, I like to say we’re resilient … We’ve innovated fashion, we’ve innovated entertainment, as a community, and that’s not ending anytime soon.” To witness the next chapter of love, laughs, and life in the LGBTQ lane, stay

tuned …

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