lgbtq community spotlight

by kevin perry


Looking for Love in All the Right Places Gay culture’s youth obsession is getting mighty

old. Time rages on, so you can either deal with it or get left behind. Quality guys are perched on a barstool near you, and they might actually be over the age of 35. Gasp supreme! Get ready to grow up and grab a daddy (consensually) at one of these welcoming watering holes.

DOWNTOWN AND DIRTY Perched above Broadway Boulevard is the daddy

of all Downtown LA bars:Precinct. The prison motif evokes illicit sensuality and dangerous masculinity. Also: drag queens! Precinct boasts a gritty view of the theater district, so you and your dad du jour can nuzzle while spooning and gazing out at the city below. Raw and romantic! Just a few blocks away,Redline serves up bar food

and subdued vibes. The DJ spins old-school hits with new-school zeal, creating a soundtrack for your DTLA gay adventure. For Papi perfection, spice it up atNew Jalisco Bar

on Main Street. Latin lovers get rough around the edges in this shadowy gathering place, the OG of LGBTQ lasciviousness.


IN SILVERLAKE Follow the sound of hardcore porn and you

will eventually arrive atEagle LA, a legendary

enclave packed with testosterone and titillation supreme. The urinal trough is a hotbed of groping shenanigans, so either hold it or ask a frisky daddy to hold it for you! Stumbling distance up the street, you will fall in

love withAkbar, a neighborhood saloon with global appeal. The dance floor doubles as a performance space on select nights, giving the talented staff a chance to flex their artistic flair. Drag shows, comedy routines and indie music beckon! Let it all hang out on underwear night atThe

Faultline, a dive bar in the grand tradition of back alley hookups and rugged anonymity. Their parking lot parties rev up daddies by the truckload, so get in gear and head on over.

NOHO, YES DADDY! North Hollywood, or NoHo if you’re sassy, is the

great frontier of Valley queerness. Approachable gents are locked and loaded (innuendo firmly intended) atThe Bullet Bar, a pub as edgy as it is friendly. Further down the upper San Gabriel ridge, enter

Studio City and get in touch with your inner cowboy … or someone else’s inner cowboy! Line dance and live it up atOil Can Harry’s, a country western kick-in-the-Wranglers. As you go deeper into the Valley, lube up with libations fromC-frenz. This Reseda respite offers an

PALM SPRINGS TURNS UP THE HEAT! The Mecca of masculine maturity, Palm Springs gets better with age, and so

do the men! Croon along with the crowds atQuadz, a video bar known for show tunes

and show-stopping daddies. Slip into some leather and out of your inhibitions atTool Shed, a deliciously

cramped dive bar just south of Downtown. Strike up a conversation atStreetbarand you’ll soon discover that

everyone has two life stories: their straight past and their current queerness. For an upscale, inclusive, elative cocktail experience, brush up onBlack-

book. The décor shimmers in “daddy’s den” decadence and the action spills out into the hot desert air of the inviting patio. Come out, come out, whoever you are!

intoxicating blend of go-go men, billiards, karaoke and beverages as cheap as you are.

WEST HOLLYWOOD (YES,THAT WEST HOLLYWOOD) Believe it or not, you are allowed to age in WeHo.

Despite its reputation as a queerLogan’s Run, they don’t execute you once you mature. Let your wild side shine atGold Coast, the best bar in the gayest place on Earth. Sorry to play faves, but GC rocks! The staff is warm, the drinks are cold (and cheap, and strong), and the clientele is unassumingly irresist- ible. Say hi to Jeffrey! Just down Santa Monica Boulevard, discover

the naughty nirvana calledFubar. Size matters on BFD night, which stands for Big Fat … um, Richard. Contestants are invited to a back room where they snap pics of their … Richards. These photos are displayed for the bar patrons to appreciate, and a wiener — oops, a winner is crowned! Now it’s time for our daddy bar lightning round,

WeHo style! Ditch the attitude and simmer in burly butchiness atGym Sportsbar. Hitch up your britches and let yourTrunks love fly. Daddies rule atThe Mother Lode. And older men are all the rage at … well,Rage! Love that name, btw. All four of these bars offer casual cool for gays of all ages, so forget everything you ever knew about West Hollywood and remember to kiss a daddy this Valentine’s month!

STAY SEXY, SAN DIEGO! Let’s bring it back home with a salute to San Diego. And speaking of salutes

…The Hole in the Wall, suggestively and succinctly known as “The Hole,” lures military brass with an emphasis on ass. Thank you for your service, indeed! For the top spot to bottoms-up, check outNumber One Fifth Avenue. It’s

not as trendy as its Hillcrest neighbors, but daddies outlast trends. Burly up to the bar atPecs, where bears hibernate to perfection, transform-

ing themselves into mature masterpieces right before your eager eyes! Get shaken, not scared, at Martinis Above Fourth, a festive rendezvous

with cabaret chic. The small stage welcomes world-renowned musical and comedy touring acts, drawing theater aficionados and tastemakers galore. The list goes on, but we can’t; we have things to do and studs to woo. Happy hunting!


RAGE monthly | February 2020

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