It is most important to keep your various types of metals separated with additional drums. For example using silver in a drum you usually use for gold will cause your metal to look yellowish. Please note for ease of use we have approximately calculated media, solution, and component capacity in both stages for all our range of Barrelling Machines.

Tips: Please note platinum is a metal you can use with the first stage of the barrelling process but hand finishing will achieve the best results replacing the second stage process. Cousins supply a large range of mops, compositions and abrasives for the ultimate high mirror finish.

When polishing platinum casts or handmade items use at least three grades of abrasive paper to level the metal and then follow the barrelling stages above. Remember platinum is a hard metal so ideally it needs these three stages of polishing to attain an expert finish.

If you plate over an item you have barrelled the item will not give as high a finish compared to hand finishing; the piece maybe pitted or marks. Please remember barrelling is a burnishing process, it does not remove the surface area like a mop finish does.

All our barrelling machines can be used with steel, plastic or ceramic media. Please be aware however that harder media such as ceramic and steel will wear the barrel quicker than the plastic media

Hobby Level (Up to 750ml Capacity)

CousinsUK’s new workshop range of barrelling machines, superb for the demanding medium sized batch of work. Ideal for the medium sized workshop’s load, the jobber repairer jeweller, contemporary jewellery artists or gold/silver re-sellers

• Available in 800ml and 1600ml (3lb/1350g or 6lb/2700g)

• Durable construction consisting of metal roller base • Gear belt driven making the tumbler fast and effective

• Rubber drum with rubber lid • Rotates on rubber coated rollers, extra quiet operation

• Drums with lipped rubber end cap with two vanes catching your media and work quickening the burnishing/polishing process

• Drum with metal lid & no fins available as a spare for specialised lapidary polishing

• One way removable easy fit lids • Approx. Speed 60 rpm • Made in the UK

Directions for Use (per drum): • For the first stage use 375g of PB Green Cones (B4903) and 4 grams of PB Cutting powder (C4904) to assure more abrasive removal. Remember the more PB Cutting Powder you add the more cutting removal will occur. Also add 40 grams of barrelling powder (C4365) as this will provide some cleaning and lubricant.

• For the second stage, use Cousinsuk mix shot (S35424) to get the ultimate polishing results.

Our excellent first range of barrelling machines, ideal for small workshops, retail shops, hobbyists, jewellery artists etc.

• Available in 375ml, 500ml and 750ml capacity (2lb & 3lb)

• Durable construction consisting of metal roller base • Gear belt driven making the tumbler fast and efficient • Sturdy plastic drum resting on rubber coated rollers • Drum inside consists of 3 fins catching your media and work quickening the burnishing & polishing process

• 2 way removable and easy fit lids • 375ml machine comes with rubber drum with 3 fins • Approx. speed 50 rpm • 240 volt • 5 year guarantee • Made in the UK


B46586 B35414 B35415 B46587 B35418

B47259 B35419


375ml Barrelling Machine 500ml Barrelling Machine 750ml Barrelling Machine

Barrel Drum & Lid, 500ml Barrel Drum & Lid, 750ml

UOM Price EACH £59.95

EACH £59.95 EACH £69.50

Barrel Drum & Lid, 375ml (Rubber) EACH £29.95 £7.95

Barrel Drum & Lid, 500ml (Without Fins)


£5.95 £9.30

Brightening Fluid (Politol V)

See Page 1233

Will hold up to 750g of mix shot and 1 to 12 rings. Use 40 grams of barrelling powder with water for cleaning

and lubricating action Code

B35408 B35409 B35411 B35412 B35413 B35410 B47756

Description 800ml Single Barrelling Machine

Barrel with Rubber Lid Barrel Lid, Rubber

UOM Price EACH £154.95

1600ml Double Barrelling Machine EACH £179.95 EACH £30.95 EACH £12.95 £6.95

Drive Belt for 800ml & 1600ml Lapidary Barrel with Metal Lid Lapidary Barrel Metal Lid


EACH £25.95 EACH £16.95

“Rota Barrels” are heavy duty burnishing & barrelling machines for de burring, grinding, and polishing metal.

Buy a complete unit or build your own to your required specification using the frames and barrels available. Cousins gives you the chance to make the choice best for you!

• Six sided barrel bodies for perfect results, polypropylene made with a 10 year guarantee

• New power transmission system, continuously rated • Quick release lid • Choice of barrel configurations, choose between 3 and 6 litre capacities or a mix of sizes.

• Sizes of Rota barrels to suit all your needs 6, 12 and 18 litre capacity.

• Available in variable speed which is a handy feature as small fine components can be finished without risk of damage on low speed. And larger pieces can be burnish polished by fastening speed quicker turning round your work.

• To give you an idea how much work can be done at one time, every 1ltr for the barrelling process will do up to 10 rings. So a 6ltr Rota Barrel will approximately burnish/polish 60 rings.

• Frames & barrels available separately, either to supplement your existing machine, keep as spares to build an entirely new machine specific to your requirement

Stage 1

Deburring – produces a matt surface, removes marks, scratches and surface defects and can also be used to remove sharp edges.

• Every one litre in your barrel body will take 250g of green cones (B4903);

• Use 5g of PB Cutting Powder (C4904) per litre of water. For added potency add five more grams of PB cutting powder to ensure more abrasive removal of metal;

• Use 5g of barrelling powder to one litre of water (C4365);

• The efficiency of the barrel is dependent on the ratio of volume of work to the weight

Stage 2 Polishing – produces a semi bright finish on many metals reduces work on polishing wheels and does not damage delicate items. In barrelling, the pieces and polishing media mix as the barrel drum rotates; the de burring or polishing action is due to the surfaces of the article and media sliding over each other under the pressure exerted by the mass of the media. Modern barrelling processes involve the use of barrelling compound (C4365) which is mixed with water together with media. It prevents the media from glazing and also keeps the components and tumbling media in good condition.

Barrelling Media:

For effective barrel burnishing it is essential that suitable media be used and that these be maintained in good condition. For the majority of barrel


B35416 B35417

Barrel Lid for 500 & 750ml Drive Belt for 500 & 750ml


Workshop Level (Up to 1.6 Litre Capacity)

£2.95 £2.95

Commercial Level (Up to 18 Litre Capacity)

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