INTERIORS; LANDSCAPING & EXTERNAL WORKS; PLANT & WORKWEAR 45 Embrace Scandi-styles and creativity

The new Pebble Beach model from Keller Kitchens embraces Scandinavian style with soft pebble tones and combines it with brighter contemporary trends to offer homeowners a chic, modern kitchen. Keller's units can be arranged to create a breakfast bar with chairs or

stools that complement the worktops (as pictured) and with numerous layout options, the cabinetry can offer as little or as much storage space as the homeowner needs. The sleek, white cupboards combined with the natural colours of the landscape breathe the typical Scandinavian style. There are a plethora of shades from Keller for homeowners to embrace the Scandi-style and add a touch of their own personality. Crown’s clean extreme has opacity covered

Leading trade paint brand Crown Trade has introduced an upgraded Ultimate Opacity formulation to its popular range of Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt emulsions which offers excellent coverage, increased scrubbability and a flawless finish. The new high opacity

formulation is available on Crown Trade’s Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt, as well as the matt versions of its Clean Extreme Anti- Bacterial and Mould Inhibiting paints. Developed to not only match but exceed the performance characteristics of the popular Clean Extreme range, the new water-based Ultimate Opacity option offers increased scrubbability and excellent flow as well as being quick-drying and low-odour. Grass Concrete Ltd turning hard landscapes soft

Converting traditional hard landscaped drive ways into softer landscaped green space applies to both commercial car parks and domestic driveways. Specifiers can turn those large parking areas into sustainable green vistas with sustainability built in. With new builds developers are enjoying a bigger green envelope by the adopting grass paving for many driveways and carparking areas. The permeability features of grass paving addresses SUDS issues where hard landscaping can provide too much run-off, whereas the more permeable grass paving mitigates surface water run-off and its implications for the local storm water network. To achieve the green vistas, maximum and sustainable grass cover is best guaranteed by a system that promotes perme- ability. The depth and shape of the soil pockets therefore has a critical part to play if grass cover is to be sustained. Both Grasscrete and Grassblock offer substantial capacity for soils and root systems to promote maximum grass coverage. When cast-on site is not an option Grassblock provides easy install precast blocks. Wakefield based Grass Concrete Ltd has become the generic name for permeable grass paving with over forty years of installations.

01924 379443 Saniflo launches Kinesurf Pietra shower tray

The lightweight Saniflo Kinesurf Pietra shower tray is a simple, classic design for the mid-market featuring a stunning mineral textured surface. This versatile shower tray is available in four colours – white, black, anthracite and grey – and is easy to cut at just 40mm thick. The Kinesurf Pietra can be teamed up with matching wall panels if required. The grainy Biocryl surface is

reinforced with Biotec, a high density polymer that is also used to reinforce the ultra-flat stainless steel waste to match the tray colour. Multiple sizes in square and rectangular shapes can be specified from the compact 800mm to the walk-in 1800mm. The Kinesurf Pietra offers peace of mind for users and the minimalist design blends perfectly into any bathroom.

020 8842 0033 Waterproof Working

You can count on comfort and protection throughout the autumn and winter with Snickers Workwear’s new AllroundWork Jackets. Stay dry, warm and comfortable by choosing from a selection of water-repellent jackets that will give you basic protection from the effects of light showers with great breathability to ventilate your body if you continue to be active on site for short periods. But if you need 100 per cent protection from

the rain for long periods on site, check out Snickers’ GORE-TEX® jackets and trousers. These highly technical garments are extremely durable,100 per cent waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm, and breathable to keep you comfortable all day long. WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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