Smoke and environmental ventilation from SE Controls for Walthamstow residential development

ventilation and smoke control system from SE Controls to help keep residents both comfortable and safe. As a key part of the ongoing planned


regeneration of the Blackhorse Lane area, the Eclipse development provides more than 400 one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as incorporating a proportion of affordable housing within the design. Eclipse is split into two construction phases with each comprising of six residential blocks that are joined together to form a single building. Each six-storey block incorporates a dedicated hybrid smoke control and ventilation system, which was designed and installed by SE Controls. In normal operation, the hybrid system

maintains comfortable temperatures within the corridors and avoids overheating due to ceiling mounted heating pipework, while providing fresh air movement through the building. To achieve this, SE Controls installed

‘enviro-fans’ in the ceiling plenum on every floor, which are activated by temperature sensors and

major residential development by Taylor Wimpey in Walthamstow, East London, is using combined environmental

smoke control system, while tamper proof manual control points enable the fire service to reset the system after testing or actuation and also prevent any accidental activation. Due to the building’s design, the roof

mounted duty and stand-by smoke fan sets had to be concealed and located away from terraced areas To meet this requirement, SE Controls created a dedicated solution that would also allow them to be accessible for maintenance and servicing in accordance with the specified schedule for compliance. In addition to using fire rated ducting, which

draw warm air from the corridors, into the building’s smoke shaft before being vented. The mechanically vented smoke control

system utilises roof mounted duty and standby fan sets, which are linked to smoke shafts in each of the residential blocks. Every corridor is fitted with a SHEVTEC smoke shaft damper, which opens in the event of a fire, allowing the fans to remove smoke from the fire corridor into the smoke shaft to keep escape routes and stairs clear of smoke. SHEVTEC control panels are installed on every floor to manage the automatic operation of the

allowed the smoke shaft to be offset at roof level, SE Controls Contracts Manager, Dave Furneau developed a fan ‘cassette’ solution, which enabled the fans to be concealed within the shaft, yet also allows them to slide out on integrated load bearing runners. A key benefit of this approach, in residential

situations is that it provides unrestricted access for service engineers, which minimises downtime and reduced potential risk exposure for the building. If necessary, a fan can be replaced within a turnaround time of one hour.

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Concealment enhances high-rise fire safety

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers are gaining increasing popularity for use on fire doors in high-rise flats, apartments and HMOs. The door closers carry the CE mark and have been independently tested and proved to meet the requirements for FD60 and FD30 fire doors under BS EN 1634-1. Totally concealed when the door is closed, Powermatic door closers are less susceptible to damage from vandalism or tampering. This gives them a significant advantage over surface mounted door closers when it comes to reliability of the fire door and maintenance costs, making them the right choice for both tenants and social landlords. Unlike other jamb-mounted devices, Powermatic door closers facilitate a door’s compliance with the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M, are the only Certifire jamb-mounted door closer and do not have to be removed from the door to be adjusted. Visit the Samuel Heathwebsite for more information.

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A2 insulation improves thermal performance

The A. Proctor Group’s Spacetherm® SLENTEX® A2 Aerogel Blanket has been chosen for its superior thermal performance, flexibility and suitability for space-critical applications in the refurbishment of 146 high-rise apartments in Poplar, East London. The re-design of the 27 storey tower block is part of a development led by architects Studio Egret West. Alisan Dockerty, project architect at Egret West explains: “The existing wall construction of the Grade II listed buildings meant that space for tradi- tional insulation was limited in some instances. We chose to apply Spacetherm SLENTEX A2 Aerogel Blanket from the A. Proctor Group, a high-performance insulation blanket with A2 fire rating, capable of achieving the BRE’s surface condensation analysis target temperatures of 16°C, whilst providing us with a minimum loss of space.” In addition to the Spacetherm SLENTEX A2 blanket, foil encased Spacetherm A2 (CBS) Cold Bridge Strip was also included at window and door junctions to address areas susceptible to cold bridging.

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